Why Us


Program Design

We believe the program design of MADabolic Inc. is the biggest asset to you as a franchisee. Balanced by creativity and results, it is the very core our reputation – your reputation. Every exercise and every interval has a reason and a place in our program. It is all part of a preconceived template that was built to attract a specific demographic. Even before we had a name, a location or even a business model for that matter, we knew our product and our market. Our program reflects this initiative and is built to compliment any active lifestyle.


Every work out begins with a warm up specifically suited to the workout that follows. We start with a series of movements that heat and prepare the body for the intensity ahead. We follow with a series of core activation drills and finish with mobility movements that compliment the workout of the day.

Each workout is a perfectly balanced series of intense intervals that utilize, challenge and condition the entire body. You will be trained in these systems and will deliver the exact workout which takes place each day in each facility. The never-ending diversity of our program design is addictive, and that’s where the MADness happens.

Brand Power


This is another area that we can confidently say we’ve “nailed.” We are MAD about our look and are encouraged that this is one of the reasons you have expressed interest in the MADabolic Inc. brand. We take great pride in surrounding ourselves with great people, and firmly believe in the unmatched creativity of our corporate branding partners. Empowering and strong, we do have an image, but unlike other franchises, we are willing to customize our look to the character of your location. Our branding partners are available to you and we fully encourage creative personal branding as an integral part of our expansion plan.


Territory is very important to us and our franchise agreement is designed to reflect that. Whereas some franchisees or affiliations have strict guidelines and encourage one owner per location, we are the complete opposite. Our franchise agreement promotes multiple locations and provides incentives to interested parties. Our business plan is structured to award multiple locations with protected territory that will vary and is largely controlled by population density. We look forward to what you can bring to the MADness, and offer franchisees the opportunity to create their own business within our brand. We want your territory to have it’s own brand of MADness.