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Training & Support

The MADabolic Inc. brand is only as strong as the Franchisees success.  Our number one priority is to create a unique fitness experience and reputable brand led by your individual success. 

Brandon Cullen – Founder / CEO


#1 ) 3 Day Training Coarse


Your 3 day intensive training course takes place in Charlotte NC at our flagship location and corporate head quarters. Some of the topics that will be covered in your 3 days are:

a) The MADabolic System & Philosophy
b) Program Design & Implementation
c) Exercise Equipment Description & Function
d) Facility Layout & Execution
e) Presentation & Pricing
f) Inventory, Ordering & Approved Vendors
g) Contracts, Waivers & Membership Programs
h) Safety, Security, Health & Sanitation
i) Hiring Instructors, Employees and Staffing Your Business
j) Technology & Software Overview
k) Administrative & Bookkeeping Responsibilities
l) Marketing & Promoting Your Business
m) Social Media Overview & Guidelines

#2) Online Video Database


Currently we are in the process of designing a one of a kind video database. With the help of a newly acquired partnership, we are working with a web development team to bring this video library to life. This database will be a password protected portal available for our franchise community alone. Our goal is to create a universal language in program design, coaching and personality which all reflects the MADabolic brand.

These videos will relate to our theories and are designed to build on your 3 day training course. They will be a great reference for you as the franchisee and leader but more importantly an outlet for your employees and trainers. The constantly evolving education will help you train your team and also provide you with a visual reference point at the tip of your fingers.

#3) On Site Pre Opening Support

Within the two weeks leading up to your grand opening we will be at your location providing guidance, assistance and support.  We are here for you with one goal in mind and that is to set you up for success. We will help train you and your instructors on the implementation of our programs, movements and theories while the final prep takes place for your grand opening. This will be very hands on and catered towards your needs. We want to help fine tune your strengths and eliminate any problem areas.