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Corporate Team

Founder / CEO

When my life as a professional hockey player was cut short due to career ending concussion, the transition into the fitness world was a very natural and easy decision. Hard work and fitness was always a mainstay in my everyday life and played a huge role in my success in hockey. I was an average skilled player who used conditioning as my edge. I always felt my physical state was the one sure thing I could control when preparing for my sport. I knew the better my overall conditioning, the better I played. It was that simple.

My life in the fitness world has been a blend of education and experience, both of which I believe to be equally important. Certified in my early 20’s I became a personal trainer to make extra money in the off season. During my career, I played in multiple farm systems training with the best of the best. Spending time in the Strength & Conditioning programs of The New York Rangers, The New York Islanders and The Pittsburg Penguins was an exciting time for me as a player, but it also allowed me to develop my skills as a personal trainer. Training with these elite NHL systems, under their guidance and programming was a great informal education. Outside the game I’ve also spent some time exploring Muay Tai, Boxing and Aikido. I’ve studied with Running, Endurance and Mobility Specialists and spent weekends training with Kettlebell, Rowing and Nutrition gurus and hold certifications in all. I’ve ran in multiple adventure races and played around with Triathlons. More recently I bounced around as a coach in the strength and conditioning world for over eight years, three of those as an owner. In the summer of 2012 my partner Kirk and I decided to sell our current business in order to develop and pursue what we believe to be a superior product, MADabolic Inc.

Growing up, I was surrounded by hard working individuals. Both my grandfather and father are well-established businessmen who credit their success to hard work alone. For as long as I can remember I was schooled in their belief of what hard work could do, and there is nothing I have learned since that has become a more important factor in my life. At an early age, I already knew I would not be joining the family business. I dreamed of creating something great of my own, and I knew that hard work was the only way to make it happen. It has been an awesome journey to date and I feel I am just getting started.

Co Founder / COO

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. As a minor league professional hockey player, 11 years of long bus rides, 2 star hotels and getting hit by 220lb men can take it’s toll on a person. I truly believe I was able to stay relatively healthy during my career because of my commitment and dedication to fitness. Throughout my playing days I was fortunate enough to train under the Strength & Conditioning program of the NY Islanders while spending summers in California learning from sports specific specialists and being surrounded by the best the industry had to offer.

Since exiting the game I have immersed my self in the world of fitness. I’ve studied with Olympic lifting coaches, movement pattern specialists and nutrition gurus. The transition into the field of Strength & Conditioning was natural for me but I wanted balance and decided to surround myself with as much knowledge as possible. Initially I started out as a personal trainer, two years later I dove into the world of Crossfit, first as a head trainer and then as a gym owner for 3 years.

During this time my partner Brandon and I couldn’t help but notice how the Strength & Conditioning world was dominated by two extremes. On one end of the spectrum you have high risk/low reward programming suitable for only a small population. On the other end of the spectrum you have the national chain athletic conditioning/bootcamp type classes which have a good presence but lacks any real knowledge in Strength & Conditioning. With our knowledge and experience we knew their was a product somewhere right in the middle. We felt more people could benefit from an intelligent, well balanced program designed around intense interval training without the high risk of injury.  Enter MADabolic Inc.!

Nutrition & Lifestyle

My fascination with health, fitness and nutrition began while I was in college. I was an Art major but a glimpse into the fitness world ignited an interest that has resonated throughout my being. I changed majors and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science and continue to pursue many aspects of health and wellness. My career in health promotion spans all aspects of wellness, working with several different populations including cardiac rehab, stroke and head injury patients and includes a diverse mix of athletes, expectant mothers and weekend warriors. My career has been a multifaceted MADness that is always exciting and ever growing.

However, after taking time off from my career to start a family, my own health and fitness became an afterthought. As I passed the mirror one day, I completely different person reflected back at me. As a mother of three, I wanted my family to experience a healthy lifestyle. I knew change had to start with me.

The principles we use at MADabolic Inc. and the introduction of a real food diet have worked for me and I fully believe in them, and live according to them.

When people constantly inquired about my own transformation, I knew that I wanted to teach them how to do the same. My lifestyle change has been so successful and sharing it has become my passion. To facilitate this endeavor, I created “28toLIFE – Freedom With Real Food”. My real life experience has lead me to where I am today, and I am excited to continue my journey in fitness and nutrition here at MADabolic Inc.

Corporate Branding & Brand Design


Pink Toast Ink. Pink: the color of a cow’s skin when branded by a cattle iron. Toast: to burn or warm by fire. Ink: a fluid used for drawing, writing and printing. Together these words, Pink Toast Ink, create a new meaning; a graphic design business with an overall focus on branding.

My career began with a journey down an architectural path. Working at a structured firm allowed me to become disciplined in my craft. I took on projects and challenged my limits in order to make myself indispensable, however I also began to take notice of my creative knack and eye for design. I began exploring this industry of branding and realized that here is where my passion lies. Graphic design was the avenue to fulfill my creative mind and help up and coming businesses like MADabolic Inc. connect with their brand. I was bringing their vision to life.

My passion for creating something new and exciting is what motivated me to work with MADabolic Inc. After becoming a dedicated member, embracing the “#MADlifestyle” and getting to know all the amazing people who made it possible, I was asked to help design a t-shirt for the gym. Long story short, a t-shirt turned into a re-brand proposal, and the rest is history. I attend classes at MADabolic Inc. regularly, and I even completed the 28 To Life program with on-site nutritionist Cristina. I find myself having much more energy, thinking much more clearly which helps with my design, and feeling great all around.

In this new world of Pink Toast Ink that I have created I am able to work in my ideal environment; one full of collaboration, creativity and a different challenge everyday. Life is pretty darn good right now.

Wake up to the aroma of big ideas! Let Pink Toast Ink heat up your business!

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Original Mark


Although not an official part of our corporate team, Jennifer has had a huge influence on the MADabolic brand. So, whenever we can, we like to give her a shout out. A couple years ago, we had an image in my mind, an image that would perfectly define and set our brand apart. Words like edgy and empowering, subtle but strong and beautiful in away described this vision. It seemed to take forever, but after countless word combinations in google search engines, we stumbled across a 19 year old art student from San Diego, California named Jennifer Fong. Google images steered us towards her blog titled “Mind-Sketch” that featured an awesome personality intertwined into every design. The MADabolic Inc. logo is an adaptation to one of her original designs called “Fighter”. As we explained to her our concept, and tried to put into words the image that was burned in our heads, she instinctively knew exactly what we were thinking and tweaked her original design to fit our brand. This rest is history and the look of MADabolic Inc. was born.

Thank you Jennifer.

Check Out Jennifer’s Amazing Work :