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Brandon Cullen & Kirk Dewaele

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Two boys were raised in opposite parts of a big country called Canada. Both became professional minor hockey league players with hopes of working their way to the NHL. Season after season they played across North America and Europe training with some of the best athletes and athletic programs in the world. As fate would have it, they spent the last season of their careers on the same team – the Charlotte Checkers. While both gifted in their own way, they agreed that they excelled in their hockey careers because of their commitment to off-ice conditioning. Both believed that off-season training was as important as the game itself, and that the will to prepare was the most important part of the equation. United by a similar path, and driven by a shared set of values, they became fast friends, and a partnership was already beginning to make sense.

S3endurance is born …

S3endurance was a singular vision – an athletic conditioning company marked by excellence. Everything had to be the best, the best athletic programming, performance nutrition, and innovative thinking.

Surround yourself with the best and you will become your best …

And then came this MAD idea. The MADness you see now has been years in the making. In their latest adventure, Brandon and Kirk are honing their craft. The professional sports arena and the fitness industry have been both the playing field and the proving ground for their new partnership. MADabolic Inc. is a unique interval based strength and conditioning program. It was designed to compliment any active lifestyle and provide a space where all fitness junkies would sweat under one roof – our roof. There’s a certain kind of swagger that comes with this type of MADness.

MADabolic Inc. is born …