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Arlington, VA Is Next On The Map

The Right Market & The Right People
Arlington, VA is next on the map …

When considering a new relationship the same questions always seem to come up.  Is this person the right fit for me?  Is the timing right?  Do they compliment me?  Do I see a bright future with them?  Well, these are the exact SAME questions we ask our selves when it comes to business. Is this the right person for the company?  Is this the right time?  Do they compliment us?  Do we see a bright future with them?  This month we are very happy to announce a new partner and new market to our fast growing company.  By the way, the answer is YES to all of the above questions.  Corbin Jennings impressed us from day one. He is a passionate and driven young professional whose undeniable presence is packaged with a humble delivery. What more could we ask for in a new relationship? This week I had a chance to sit down with Corbin to talk about the vibrant Arlington, VA market and his new business venture

Brandon Cullen – Founder /CEO



B – Let’s get right to it, how did you first discover MADabolic Inc.?

C – I discovered MADabolic Inc. through my girlfriend Julia who started working out at MADabolic CLT shortly before I moved to Baltimore to pursue a job opportunity. Julia instantly fell in love with it and wouldn’t stop talking about it. For months, she begged me to go with her on the weekends when I visited Charlotte. To be candid, I thought it was going to be just another girly class with basic, low weight moves, like the one she used to attend at the YMCA. However, I knew I would never hear the end of it if I didn’t try it once and now I am so thankful I did! As I sat and watched the class before mine to finish up, I knew I was going to love it! I saw moves that I had never seen before; there were girls and guys challenging themselves with heavy weights and beads of sweat dripping from everyone’s face. I was blown away by everything – the movements, the music, the intensity and the professionalism of the trainers.

B – I love to follow markets and trends, this particular market in Northern Virginia has been a hot topic for a couple years now.  It has a vibrant and very strong reputation in regards to fitness, how do you think MADabolic Inc. will fit into this active Arlington community?

C- MADabolic Inc. will undoubtedly make a quick name for itself in the Northern Virginia market which is full of young, athletic people who love to workout. The amount of people you see running, biking, on their way to a yoga or coming out of a cycling class is amazing. MADabolic Inc. will compliment all of these activities and will make everyone committed to an active lifestyle a little bit better.

After getting hooked, I knew I wanted to spread that same MADness to the Northern Virginia market. I took a second job at a local running store in Arlington, called Pacers, to get more involved in the local workout community. Since then, I have met thousands of runners and triathletes who are very serious about their sport and are constantly looking for ways to improve. After explaining how well the MADabolic Inc. program supplements all active lifestyles, everyone wants to know how soon I will be selling memberships. MADabolic Inc. is going to be such a great addition to this community.

B – What initially drew you to MADabolic Inc. ?

C – What initially hooked me and what has kept me coming back is the programming. All of the workouts are well thought out. There is a rhyme and reason for each move and interval length. It is easily the most holistic and efficient workout I have ever done. I love how every class challenges me in new ways and the fact I’ve never done the same workout twice.


B  – We are very passionate about our program and its design, how does the overall concept compliment your personal lifestyle?

C – I have two very dominant traits. I’m happiest when I’m active and I am passionate about the things I do. I love lifting weights, running, playing with my dogs, picking up new activities, and playing soccer and I always give these activities 100%. With MADabolic Inc., I’ve seen so much improvement in my strength and conditioning, that my 100% has become so much greater than it was before. There is no better feeling than flying past a defender in a soccer game in the second half of a game because they are out of shape and can’t keep up anymore. It’s also a great feeling setting a new personal record in a 5K (and not finishing behind the 50 year old anymore).


B – Currently you are a successful young professional and have made the choice to leave a strong position to pursue this new vision.  Obviously this is a big life transition, what ultimately made you decide to become a franchise owner?

C – After growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I always knew one day I wanted to work for myself. I also knew I would never be able to sit behind a computer all day for the rest of my life. I constantly dreamed about making a career change, I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. The idea of becoming a MADabolic Inc. franchisee formed after my move to Baltimore, when Julia was offered a job in the DC area. As we started planning our move, one of our biggest concerns was finding another gym we enjoyed as much as MADabolic Inc. That’s when Julia suggested we open one ourselves. At first we thought it was an idea that would never come true, but after talking with You and Kirk we realized that dream might actually work. We discussed the brand and vision for the future and knew it was a good fit. While it is a little scary leaving a successful and secure career, I know it will be well worth it to enjoy what I am doing.

B – In the past you and I have spoke in depth many times about our branding, what do you like about our look and how do you believe it will help in the development of your new location?

C – In my opinion, branding is one of the most important parts of a company, and it is another reason why I was hooked by MADabolic Inc. A lot of people associate a brand with a logo or a name, but a brand is so much more than that. If you compile all of the experiences you’ve had with a company, that is what a brand truly is. When I think of MADabolic Inc., the words consistency, strength and power come to mind. Visiting multiple locations has allowed Julia and I to see just how strong the brand is. In every city our experience was consistent. The facilities were clean, the trainers corrected me if my form wasn’t right, the music was awesome and the workout was grueling  People trust brands and even though they may not realize it, it’s the brand that keeps them coming back to MADabolic Inc. time and time again. Although, the company does not have much brand recognition in the Northern Virginia market, I have no doubt it will quickly catch on, and “the girl” will be the face of an unmatchable workout experience.


B – You’ve had the luxury of visiting multiple MADabolic Inc. locations in the past year, what qualities or attributes stand out in these communities?

C – Together, Julia and I have visited the Charlotte, Lake Norman and Asheville locations. Although the people and communities are totally different, the experience was the same. Every location is full of friendly, amazing people that might differ in age or athletic ability, but are all united together by the common goal of getting a good sweat.

B – Personally, I’ve heard so many great things about this community and am beyond excited to see everything come to life.  Tell us a little about this vibrant community, what are some of your favorite hangouts or places we should frequent when visiting Arlington, VA (EX list a coffee shop, a good complimentary sweat, somewhere to grab beer and a good meal)?

C – Arlington, Alexandria and DC are all so close together that I am going to speak to some spots in all three locations. Although my schedule doesn’t allow me to get to the bars as often anymore, I have found a couple I really enjoy. Spider Kelly’s in Arlington and Meridian Pint in DC are currently at the top of that list. Both have a great craft beer selection and a cool atmosphere. For a great juice, Acai bowl, or smoothie, South Block in Arlington is the place to go. For food, hands down my favorites are Founding Farmers and Rose’s Luxury in DC. If you plan on trying out Rose’s Luxury, expect to wait an hour to put your name on the list, only to have to wait 4 more hours to get a table. It’s worth every second. If you want to get a good sweat that is totally different from most things you have done, give Solid Core a try. It is like a durability day, but slower and just as grueling. It also focuses heavily on core work, which is a great compliment to MADabolic. For good Coffee and pastries you have to go do Northside Social wine and coffee. It carries Counter Culture coffee, which reminds me of home.


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