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Trainer Spotlight – MADass Trainer Heather Faucette

When Dar and I talk about our businesses, the emphasis is always on community (MAD community, if you will).  For us, community is everything.  We always say that you can have the best programming in the world, but if you don’t have a strong community, you don’t have much.  Conversely, you can have generic programming, but if you nail the community portion you’re ahead of the rest.  Our goal is always to have both the best programming AND the best community, and that needs to be driven by a leader.

As soon as we opened the doors in Charleston it was obvious that Heather was a natural.  She’s a relationship developer, a connector, an unparalleled community builder and a MADass trainer.  And the best part is: she loves it.  It’s obvious from Facebook posts and client feedback that her energy and personality impact more than just the drive in the intervals; she creates the vibe in the community that makes this all worth it – for us, and also for clients sweating it out at 6am.

When the programming comes out Heather is always the first to respond with questions, feedback, or just sheer excitement.  She’s constantly studying, learning, and asking questions that challenge us to be better and think further. But most of all, she makes us smile.  We’re so thankful to have her as a leader in Charleston, and are so proud of what she has helped to build there.  Thanks girl – we love you.  -Val & Dar

Val Morini – MADabolic Charleston


How did you discover MADabolic Inc.?

I discovered MAD back in March 2014 by my husband who is also a trainer. We were hardcore fitness freaks at a certain gym with hardcore aches and pains. He saw MAD on Facebook, researched it, came home all pumped up about it and immediately wanted to be apart of it. Me, not so sure to be honest. I was like, “but I can’t give up my barbell”! Little did I know the changes I was about to experience. The movements were new but the same, the intervals exhausting yet exhilarating and the boxing brought me back to some of my favorite memories in my Martial Arts days. My body became stronger and sculpted without being hard. I fell in love with the workouts without the aches and pains. And I still get my barbell work in at home.

What drew you to MADabolic Inc. and how do the concepts fit into your lifestyle?

What drew me to MAD to begin with was a feeling of being on a team.  There was no elitist mentality no competition between others. Although I do like being pushed! I think the intervals and movements are brilliant. The energy pathways that the intervals tap into are ones that I strongly believe in and the results I’ve seen in myself and others prove it.


What is your fitness routine?

As for my own fitness routine it’s pretty constant. I do MAD 5-6 days a week. Usually 3 days on 1 day off. I do yoga 2 days a week. I like to do a flow class and my favorite is Yin Yoga. It keeps me balanced and grounded. I try to get my Olympic lifts in at home whenever I have time. Everyone knows I love a good snatch!

What activities do you like to do outside of the gym?

The activities I like to do outside of the gym are really simple. I love to cook, clean eating of course, I love to read and research new warmups and movements to use in the gym. I love love love snuggling with my hubby and I love to hang out with my friends anytime, anywhere. I wish I could say I club it up on the weekends and party to my booty falls off but I’d be lying. I also enjoy having personal training sessions which I learn something new every time. I go and then bring that knowledge back to the members at MAD.

What keeps you motivated?

My motivation is stimulated by knowledge, results and competition within myself to strive to be the best I can. At 43 years young it doesn’t get any easier but I’m in the best shape of my life. I wish I could go to every seminar offered on every movement offered. But I have to say my biggest motivation are the clients at MAD. They keep me pumped about my coaching, especially when I see them perform a clean or snatch beautifully! It tickles me and them too! I love it after class when they want to talk to me about their performance or their “homework” progress. Yes, I give out homework to some of the clients. I expect their best, no more, no less.


What are some of your favorite hangouts?

You ask me some of my favorite hangouts? Really?! I live in Charleston, SC! LOL The beach of course. I also couldn’t live without hanging with my friends on a Sunday for brunch at Okra Grill. They have the best brunch in town and let’s not forget their Bloody Mary’s! It comes with bacon, you can’t go wrong with bacon. Mike and I try to go to every festival Charleston has to offer. Our favorite is the Wine and Food Festival in March. It’s coming up so ya’ll need to get your tickets! But every weekend you’ll find us somewhere on the water. Wether it’s on Shem Creek overlooking the shrimp boats or on Sullivan’s Island hanging with the locals. We like the dive bars, casual and laid back. That’s how we roll!



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