Trainer Spotlight – Lindsay Riggsbee A Motivational Force

When Dusty and I decided to take a leap of faith, put all our eggs in one basket and move our (growing) family to Raleigh, we made the conscious decision to open with very few people on staff. We often wondered, “how will we find anyone who we trust enough with our business, who is qualified enough as a trainer, and who truly embodies the MADlifestyle?” Understanding everything that makes MADabolic different from so many other fitness facilities is a critical component to our trainer selection.

And then we got an email from Brandon Cullen that changed everything. Lindsay Riggsbee, a massage therapist with whom we’d worked out next to for more than a year at MADabolic CLT, wanted to move to Raleigh and was wondering if we would consider hiring her as a trainer. We didn’t think twice before setting things in motion to make sure this happened. In addition to her natural athleticism and ability to execute the non-conventional and unique movements well, Lindsay has impressive strength. Furthermore, we had gotten to know her well enough to grasp her kind and trustworthy nature. Her personality fits the mold flawlessly.

She was there with us before the doors opened, helping us get set up and organized. And now, without hesitation, she makes herself available to cover classes as needed and take the lead without Dusty or I having to worry about the gym. Our clients look forward to seeing Lindsay when they walk through the glass doors and she has already been such a motivational force for so many. I know she looks forward to being in Raleigh full-time and really bringing the MADlifestyle to this great city. And we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team. You rock, Linds, and we are so thankful for you!

Alex and Dusty Jamieson – MADabolic Raleigh


How did you discover MADabolic Inc.?

I first discovered MADabolic back when the Charlotte location was offering VIP classes when they first opened their doors. My friend and yoga teacher, Sarah Faircloth was invited to a VIP class and I went with her. I learned right from the start that pacing is key and these workouts push you to the limit! I loved it and haven’t looked back since!

What drew you to MADabolic Inc. and how do the concepts fit into your lifestyle?

I love the variety of the intervals. When I first started as a member, my palms would get sweaty just walking in the doors, excited and terrified of what the interval for the day was going to be. Then somewhere along the way, I was just excited to come in and find out what my body could do each day. The MADlifestyle is the way I try to live: in balance. Besides being a trainer at MADabolic, I’m also a massage therapist and have been practicing for 12 years. The combination of these two jobs portrays that balance: work your body, push yourself but also relax and give yourself a time out. I’ve seen the results of training too hard with clients and their body breaking down and injuries occurring. My intention as a trainer and as a massage therapist is to help people improve their quality of life and to move and function better so they can live the life they desire; whether that be to run a race, recover from an injury and regain muscle balance/strength or just connecting more to their body. MADabolic is about doing what you love and reaching your potential to accomplish what you desire. I’m proud to be a part of this great team and to help people along the way.

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What is your fitness routine?

The way I choose to stay moving is doing MADabolic intervals 3-4 times a week, a yoga class 1-2 times a week and walking my dogs (2 lab mixes) and finding something fun to do outside. Maybe an occasional 5k thrown in or a nice long hike. Being outside is just good for the soul. Seeing clients for a massage also keeps me moving.

What activités do you like to do outside of the gym?

Outside of the gym you will most likely find me at my massage office. Now that I’m back in Raleigh, I’m excited to build a whole new practice here and spread the love more! My family, boyfriend and best friends with whom I grew up are in the area, so spending time with them makes my heart happy. I have a niece and 2 nephews close by that make living in Raleigh that much sweeter. My two boys (dogs) are my pride and joy. My youngest is a lab/border collie mix and I have been training him in agility course work and he lives for it!! I like to think it’s a dog’s version of MADabolic. You can change the obstacle course each time to keep him guessing and the longer the course, the more mental and physical the challenge! I will definitely miss the White Water Center in Charlotte. I loved walking the trails, doing the ropes courses and attending the festivals/events they held there. Oh, also any festivals with live music and food…I’m there!


What keeps you motivated?

My personal motivation is my own progress in my performance with MADabolic. After college I was a trainer and taught a variety of fitness classes. Once I received my massage license, massage therapy became my focus. Finding MADabolic Charlotte reignited my love for the gym and that class atmosphere. After one year of working out there I went to one of Cristina’s 28tolife seminars. I initially was just curious to see if I could learn anything that would help give me that edge in getting back in shape. I left there inspired and ready to try a strict 28 days of clean eating. I was so surprised with the results, not only with losing weight and toning up, but my increasing energy level and seeing what foods no longer interested me. Since the strict 28 days, I have maintained those eating habits and continued my workouts, I have pushed myself harder and now am where I always wanted to be in my body. With turning a year older soon, I can easily say the older I get, the better I am! Seeing members at the gym go through their own transformation with the MADness is inspirational and fuels that drive within me even more.

What are some of your favorite hangouts?

I’m still relearning the Raleigh-Durham area….it has definitely changed in the 12 years I was in Charlotte! I haven’t felt like I have had a lot of time yet to “hangout” in Raleigh while I’ve been traveling back and forth to Charlotte. My favorite hangouts so far are Videri Chocolate Factory and Tasty beverage, both of which are right by MADabolic Raleigh. Scratch in Durham has amazing local food and the best latte I have ever had. Food and beverages…hey, it’s all in the MADlifestyle! Any place with live music is also a favorite. The dog park is another go-to for me and my boys. I can’t wait to have more time in Raleigh to explore and find more favorites! It’s nice to be back home.

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