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State of MADness : January 2015 ~ Program Design


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Complacency is just something that doesn’t sit well with our team. We pride ourselves on being the best, constantly learning and ever evolving. As mentioned in the most recent blog post, we are determined to gain the respect of all fitness professionals and plan to stand out in a very competitive fitness industry. Our commitment is first and foremost to our clients, and to this select few we plan to deliver the best fitness experience on the market.


Athletic strength and endurance for everyday people. We don’t claim to be for everyone but DO NOT mistake this for an elitist mindset. Nothing could be further from the truth. MADabolic Inc. was specifically designed for active individuals with varied passions in mind. If you have the will and commitment to live athletically, we believe our program is the perfect compliment to your lifestyle. 
Our goal is to enhance whatever it is you are passionate about. We want to add to it, we want to better it, and our program is intentionally designed to make you stronger and more capable whatever your passion. We are athletes, we are runners, we are cyclists, we are parents, we are yogis and we are all MAD.

We view 2015 as 365 opportunities to deliver the new ideas and targeted goals that will help you become a better version of yourself. Our program is driven by balance, structure and attainability. It is designed to make sure all our clients reach their full fitness potential.

Too often we are asked ..

“How many days a week should I be doing this “Intense Interval” thing?”

Obviously this is a very loaded question and we realize that all lifestyles and schedules are different. Work, family and other fitness commitments are all factors. We would like to offer what we believe to be an ideal layout for the next 365 days. Take a good look at it. Commit to it, and we guarantee the best version of yourself is only a few intervals away.

2015 PROGRAM DESIGN – 1st 12 Week Cycle – January 5th Start Date

1st 4 Weeks – The Base (Durability)
* 3 Durability Days (M,W,F)
* 2 Momentum Days (Tu/Th)
* 2 Anaerobic Days (S,Sn)

The Focus : Strength & Structure

2nd 4 Weeks – The Pace (Momentum)
* 3 Momentum days per week (M,W,F)
* 2 Anaerobic days per week (Tu/Th)
* 2 Durability days per week (S,Sn)

The Focus : Athleticism

3rd 4 Weeks – The Race (Anaerobic)
* 3 Anaerobic days per week (M,W,F)
* 2 Durability days per week (Tu/Th)
* 2 Momentum days per week (S,Sn)

The Focus : Power & Endurance


Over the next 12 weeks we will cycle through a very scripted and complex program.  These intervals are specifically designed to challenge the body in numerous way.  Energy systems, work to rest ratios, movement patterns and mental fortitude are all a part of this intricate balance.  In order to simplify this complex model we are going to provide you with a simple checklist and weekly template to follow.


Specific Targets :
* If possible, try and stick to the same weekly schedule for the entire 12 weeks.
* 4x MADabolic Inc. Workouts / 2x Passion Driven Workouts / 1x Active Rest Day

Weekly Layout :
* 2x MADabolic Workouts (Choose Mon, Wed or Fri).
* 1x MADabolic Workout (Choose Tues or Thurs).
* 1x MADabolic Workout (Choose Sat or Sun).
* 2x Passion Driven Workouts (Yoga, LSD Cardio, Barre, Sports).
* 1x Active rest days (Stay moving w/ no agenda)

Example Schedule :
* Monday – MADabolic Inc.
* Tuesday – Long Run
* Wednesday – MADabolic Inc.
* Thursday – MADabolic Inc.
* Friday – Yoga
* Saturday – MADabolic Inc.
* Sunday – Easy Bike Ride

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

There are 168 hours in every week. What do you plan on doing with them?

Brandon Cullen – Founder/CEO


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