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28toLIFE – Real Results Take Time

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.38.46 PM I’m just going to put this out there.  Real results take time – plain and simple.   It’s not what most people want to hear, nevertheless, most people want immediate results following their decision to make healthier choices. More often than not, they want me to give them the quickest route from point A to point B.  It does not happen that way, hard work pays off and that’s the truth.

As January 1st arrived, health and fitness became a priority on many resolutions lists. Well, January passed just as quickly as it came, and people are taking a jumpstart on evaluating whether or not their resolution has taken shape. Goals are great, don’t get me wrong; but your goals need to reflect more than what the scale reads or how many pounds you’ve lost since the beginning of the year. If those are your goals, then it’s likely that you feel a little defeated as you come down from the high you started with when setting those health and fitness goals.

Backed by good intentions, we start the year by letting the thought of how we want to look in the spring dominate our thoughts. By the time spring arrives, we are nowhere near the goals we set for ourselves yet we still crave those results.

Real results take time. Consistency and commitment to eating healthy and exercising is the only means of reaching those results. It’s hard work and hard work pays off.

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Many of the people you may strive to “look like” are not worried about the scale or how much they weigh. Rather, they are focused on training and how to best fuel that training. Their goals do not revolve on a dwindling scale number. Instead, they seek to improve performance. Naturally, nutrition becomes about fueling that performance.

As we began January here at MADabolic Inc., we initiated a new program design. “Over the next 12 weeks, we will cycle through a very scripted and complex program”, as our first blog post of 2015 explains (read more here). This program is designed to help you become a stronger and healthier version of yourself. We need to properly nourish and fuel ourselves in order to accomplish this goal.

Here are 3 questions I want you to focus on the next few weeks as we launch further into our new training program.

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What do I eat?

Avoid the packaged and boxed foods that have ingredients that you can neither pronounce nor picture. You should know exactly what you’re eating. Broccoli, for example, doesn’t come with a lengthy ingredients list unless it lives in a box in the freezer aisle coated with suspicious sauce on top made with “soy lecithin-this” and “high fructose-that.” The answer here is far from complex. Eat real food.

Do I eat enough?

Most people quantify results in numbers and calories. Numbers on the scale and numbers of calories they consume. You have to eat and fuel your body as you ask it to build muscle, perform better and train harder. Restriction is simply ineffective. Numbers on the scale don’t necessarily signify results either – especially when you are building muscle. Make sure you eat enough protein, fat and carbohydrates to the extent that you feel satisfied and able to perform.

How do I feel?

The previous question leads right into this next one. Am I satisfied and able to train to see gains in my performance (lifting heavier and pushing my pace)? You should absolutely feel better, stronger and full of energy. If the foods you choose leave you falling into peaks and valleys with drops in blood sugar, you need to add protein and fat to help you feel satisfied and energized to accommodate your training.

Real results take time. Consistency and commitment to eating healthy and exercising is the only means of reaching those results. It’s hard work and all a part of a MADlifestyle.


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