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Trainer Spotlight – Mike McCormick

Trainer Mike @TheMadBrave_ was our first choice when building our MADabolic Burlington team. We were first drawn to his natural athleticism, the graceful movements and the picture-perfect form that had us calling him “our Ninja”. We soon realized we were right on target when he revealed his Jujitsu and MMA background.

It is easy to see that Mike’s drive and dedication are rooted in these sports. Moreover, his commitment to the #MADlifestyle is evident in everything he does. He is already making his own mark in the gym, running striking fundamental classes for members looking to get a little more out of their heavy bag workouts. His first clinic was a huge success and he will run more in the future.

“We focused on the basics of each punch – the jab, the cross, the low and high hook. I briefly discussed the importance of the boxing stance and some theories around it. We also talked about rotation and weight distribution while punching. After all the science, we moved on to the bags where we practiced each punch as well as each of the “MADcombos”. By the end of these drills you could really see the improvement in everyone’s technique. The students were landing crisp crosses and solid hooks.”    – Mike McCormick

Mike gives everyone his best every time he walks through the door, and we could not be happier to have him on board.

Ashley Mol – MADabolic Burlington General Manager

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What drew you to MADabolic Inc. and how do our concepts fit into your lifestyle?

Originally, I was drawn to MADabolic through a Facebook ad looking for coaches. The ad itself is what caught my attention. Good looking people rocking some badass equipment definitely intrigued me. The process and training that led to me being a coach at MADabolic was exciting as well as enlightening. Learning about the brand, understanding the vision and experiencing the program instantly gave me a feeling that it was real!!

The consistency of the program, the attention to detail as well as having the mentality that everything matters are definitely concepts that I share with MADabolic Inc. as  I also try to fit those concepts into my lifestyle. I try to live by the statement, “be 1% better than I was yesterday”.

What is your fitness routine?

My fitness routine is always changing and forever evolving. The more I learn, the more it grows. I am always practicing new techniques and learning systems. I am drawn to fancy stuff but I also like to keep it simple. My current routine is pretty simple -I try to get to my MMA gym as often as I can mixed in with 2 MAD sessions a week and 2 purely strength days.



What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by feeling great! I always feel like I’m on top when I’m training hard and living healthy. I always aim to be better than I was yesterday. Being competitive in nature has also influenced my motivation. If my training falls behind, that means the opposition is getting better!!

What activities do you like to do outside of the gym?

Activities outside of the gym? I don’t have many. If I’m not coaching at the gym I’m training MMA. When I do free up some time, it’s usually spent with my family doing regular family things. I do love going to concerts when the opportunity is there. I also like to check out some local football with my dad and my brother (Hamilton Tigercats).



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