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Checking In With MADabolic LKN and Lead Trainer Sarah Tate

When building a great team or product you try to surround yourself with exceptional people.  Typically these people are very driven individuals and more often they will eventually crave more.  For the past couple years Sarah Tate has been a standout trainer at our flagship location MADabolic CLT.  Sarah’s desire to grow and overall development has been a pleasure to watch.  She is primed and more than ready for the next step in her fitness career.

When Tracie Chan first approached us with the hopes of opening her location in Lake Norman, we knew it was a good fit. Tracie has shown drive and passion from day one, embracing the MADness in her day to day life. As she moves forward, she continues to strive for that same drive and commitment and promises to build her team with these same values.

When Sarah accepted Tracie’s request to take on the role of lead trainer at MADabolic LKN, it was a natural development.  Sarah’s drive and passion aligns perfectly with that of Tracie’s, making them a dynamic match to collectively lead and spread the MADness at the Lake.

Brandon Cullen – Founder / CEO

MADabolic LKN is thrilled to have Sarah Tate on board as our Lead Trainer. Sarah has a wonderful connection with our community and leads by example – her #MADlifestyle speaks for itself. She boasts an impressive swimming career, contributing to her athleticism, competitive edge, work ethic and strong sense of commitment. Not only is she a beautiful mover and a highly effective trainer, but Sarah is fully committed to harvesting positive relationships and helping grow and spread the MADness throughout our Lake Norman community.

Tracie Chan – Owner MADabolic LKN

Sarah Tate-7477
How did you discover MADabolic Inc.?

I relocated back to Charlotte almost 3 years ago from Scottsdale, AZ, and reconnected with a longtime college friend, Mary Catherine Dolphens. Mary Catherine is a big part of the SouthPark Lululemon team and invited me to go with her to one of the Lululemon community classes (during the early days of the MADness). I met, and was trained by Brandon, and loved every minute of the class…I was hooked from day one!

What does your #MADlifestyle look like?

On average, a typical week will include a good mix of an occasional run and/or yoga class, some heavy strength training, and 3-4 MAD classes. I spend as much of my free time as possible running around with and chasing after my niece and nephew outside and at some of the parks around town…I am always happy when I can spend time outside!

Sarah Tate-7529
What are you passionate about?

Above anything else, spending time with family and friends.  I get most excited when helping anyone and everyone set and reach individual healthy and sustainable lifestyle goals. My motto is simplicity in everyday life and in all things. Clean eating, daily movement, sleep, positivity and continuing to reach for that ever-so-coveted “balance” comprise my attitude and passions.

What are you looking forward to at MADabolic LKN?

So many things, but those that top the list are: meeting and getting to know the  amazing members of this community and  watching them fall in love with the MADlifestyle just like I did; learning what our supporters, local venues and this entire community have to contribute to our MADness; and working together with everyone to build the #MADnessAtTheLake!

Sarah Tate – Lead Trainer MADabolic LKN

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