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State of MADness : Dec 1st 2014 ~ #MADlifestyle & #thesweatlife

I often feel that #MADlifestyle and #thesweatlife are one and the same at heart. Both actively celebrate physical movement and expect a little more from everyday life.  Over the past few years a common bond and deep mutual respect has developed between MADabolic Inc. and lululemon athletica. Growth, goal setting, sweat and even the occasional beer have strengthened this connection.

Two years ago I was welcomed into the lululemon extended family as an ambassador.  Knowing that lululemon athletica was a company that parallels many of my own personal beliefs, and mirrors the vision for MADabolic Inc. as a company, this was indeed a privilege and an honor for me.

So what is an ambassador exactly?  In not-so-few words … it means that lululemon acknowledges and respects your drive and commitment.  It means they celebrate your effort and promise to support you and your visions for the future.  In return, all they ask is for you to reciprocate the favor by continuing to lead by example and support their visions and goals as a company.  The ultimate goal of this partnership is to elevate the greater local community through a balanced approach to health and wellness.

Although my two year commitment has officially ended, my relationship with lululemon has not. It continues to be an undeniable growth period in my life, and includes some of the best friendships and humble learning experiences I could ever imagine.  For all of this, I want to say thank you lululemon athletica.

The past couple of months have been a very exciting time in the MADabolic Inc. and lululemon athletica storyline with three of our owner/operators all independently announced as new lululemon ambassadors in their local communities.  We are very proud as a company to see these unique individuals recognized as key people in their markets, and are equally excited to watch this relationship grow in the next couple years.

Brandon Cullen – Founder / CEO of MADabolic Inc.

“I am both excited and honored to have been chosen as a lululemon ambassador.  I am thrilled to be apart of a family of amazing athletes, inspiring role models and dynamic fitness community leaders.  I truly feel that being an ambassador will not only provide me with the opportunity to be a part of something much greater than myself but will extend my reach to help build and support a healthy and happy local community.”

Tracie Chan – MADabolic LKN

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“In Charlottesville community is everything – both inside and outside of our MADville doors.  Being an ambassador isn’t about the clothes (even though I dress head to toe in the brand as an everyday uniform); it’s not about my picture on the wall or the idea that we might get more PR and bodies in the door.  It’s about the mutual respect; mine of them, them of me, and the same mutuality with the community.  It’s the recognition that fitness isn’t just a thing I’m in to, it’s my passion, my expertise, and my ever-loving lifestyle.  Being an ambassador, to me, means that we’re really, and truly, creating something amazing in Charlottesville – as a community – and that’s pretty damn exciting.”

Dar Malecki – MADabolic Cville

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It’s not an overstatement in any way to say that I am truly honoured to be an ambassador for a company that lives and breaths what we like to call the “MADlifestyle.” To team up with a company that sets the standard when it comes to running a successful business and creating a balanced lifestyle is really a dream partnership.

The Mapleview Mall team are all out lululemon and my kind of people; inviting, energetic, personable … and they sure know how to bring it when it comes to getting their sweat on! I admire and respect their vibrant professionalism, and working along side them will be the chance of lifetime.

Ashley Mol – MADabolic Burlington

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