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28toLIFE – Fish Oil – The Miracle Supplement

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I try my best to be a “Locavore” by eating foods that the farms near my home grow and raise.  I integrate local vegetables and meats from the farmers market into my meals that both taste delicious and provide my body with the nutrients it needs. The following is a quote I recently came across that is so simple yet very profound:

~ “At times you want to eat for the body and at times you want to eat for the soul…” ~ 

When you choose local foods, you have the freedom to do both – eat for the body and for the soul.

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When you choose foods that are raised and grown locally and organically, you receive a greater number of nutrients from that particular food (you eat what your food eats). The meat, poultry, fish and eggs from pastured raised animals and wild caught fish significantly differs from those found at regular grocery stores, which most likely come from factory farms. The variations in these sources of protein are found within the fat. A healthy pastured animal or wild caught fish will have more omega-3 fat (the kind you want more of) than omega-6 fat (the kind you want less of). Meanwhile, factory farmed animals have a higher ratio of omega-6 fat to omega-3 fat, which is far less in our favor.

Unlike some supplemental dietary fads that are over in the blink of an eye, the need for omega-3 is essential in a healthy diet and will remain that way. Let’s be real here, even as I strive for perfection in my diet, it doesn’t always happen. So, finding a good supplement is a necessity for me. A good fish oil is key to supplementing omega-3 fat.

The active components in fish oil are EPA and DHA (here comes the science) – two essential omega-3 fatty acids which our bodies do not naturally produce (meaning we must get them from food and supplements). While their true benefits are countless, here are just a few reasons that may compel you to supplement them to your diet:

  • Health benefits  – prevention in Modern Disease – brain heath – Alzheimer’s  and depression prevention; cardiovascular health – lower cholesterol and blood pressure, cancer prevention, improvement of skin disorders – acne and psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disorders – colitis and auto immune disorders.
  • Anti-Inflammatory – EPA and DHA for post exercise recovery.  High-intensity exercise and weight training cause increases in inflammation and oxidation of the muscle, reducing this response can be beneficial in improving exercise recovery.
  • Muscle development – EPA and DHA supplementation aids in muscle protein development and limits muscle protein degeneration. This can mean less muscle breakdown and more muscle growth.

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SFH Omega 3 Liquid is a premier choice for a fish oil supplement.  It is the only supplement to my diet that I take regularly.  I actually feel the difference if I miss my daily teaspoon (I love that a little goes a long way) and it helps when I take a bit more for that occasional soreness from overtraining.  I like to call it a miracle in a green bottle.

You can purchase SFH Omega 3 Liquid – which we believe to be the best brand on the market – at MADabolic Inc. Feel free to explore our recent blog post on all of the SFH products we carry, including SFH Omega 3, here.

If you strive to achieve optimal health,  implementing a high quality fish oil supplement such as SFH Omega 3 Liquid along with a nutrient dense, real food diet is a wellness win.

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