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The 5 Functions of MADness ~ Redefined

Like any part of our business we strive to remain ahead of the curve, always offering the best and most innovative fitness concepts in a highly competitive market.  One of the initial promises we made to ourselves and more importantly the ongoing commitment we have to our clients is to continually evolve and redefine ourselves each and every year.  

Brandon Cullen
Founder / CEO 

1 ~ Primal Athleticism

These movement patterns were given to us at birth.  The human ability to jump; hop, push, pull, plank and crawl are all crucial components to an athletic lifestyle.   Although often viewed as basic, these challenging and at times animalistic traits translate perfect into everyday life and everyday fitness.  Mobility driven, this category reintroduces natural movements to the body and brings aspects of the playground back into training.



2 ~ Power

The primary intention of this category is moving external loads (aka weighted objects) with speed and power.  In this dynamic grouping, expect to be using a wide variety of equipment such as Medicine Balls, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and Sledgehammers to help achieve these demands.  Movements in this category serve a specific purpose and are designed to deliver maximum results.



3 ~ Strength + Stability

Durable, strong and stable.  In this category, we cycle through movements that establish strength through motion.  This often includes carrying heavy loads over long distances.  Expect to be challenged.  You will be required to maintain a strong posture while working through demanding, and at times, awkward positioning.  We believe this to be a crucial component that is often overlooked in many fitness programs.  Please note that we love to get creative here, adding endless variations and unique spins to old classics.

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4 ~ Rotational Force (aka Boxing)

The ability to generate force through rotation is a very important function. In our program, we use the distinct, compact and powerful movements that are unique to boxing to bring these elements together. While the point of impact is marked by intensity, the forceful delivery is also graceful.



5 ~ Cardiovascular Stamina

Short bursts of intense activity are combined with sustained efforts at a deliberate pace, this combination addresses a wide variety of the cardiovascular system but the primary goal is designed to enhance your anaerobic threshold (simplified-your pace and how well you recover at that pace).  In this category we use Concept2 Rowers, Concept2 Ski Ergs, UltraSlide Slide Boards, Air Resistance Bikes and Suicide Sprints to set your system on fire.  This particular grouping often dictates the overall intensity of the workout.


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