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Embarking On An Adventure In Asheville, NC – Meet Steph Richie

“Asheville NC has such a unique vibe balancing fitness, nature, food and music … with style all their own.  On my recent trip to the mountains I was able to experience some of the local flare and had the pleasure of being introduced to the team which eventually will help spread the MADlifestyle to this fit and vibrant community.  Jamie Nakamura (Owner of MADabolic Asheville) has done and amazing job establishing some key connections and has landed North Carolina native and local fitness rockstar Steph Richie to lead and help drive this venture.  I am more than excited to watch this adventure take shape adding even more strength and depth to our fast growing brand.”

Brandon Cullen – Founder of MADabolic Inc.

“Steph is the perfect person to manage MADabolic Asheville. She has a dynamic personality and has established great relationships within the community. She lives the MADlifestyle whether it be in a fitness facility or practicing in many of the things she loves to do outdoors. I believe she will put her heart and soul into this and I’m excited to embark on this adventure with her.”

Jamie Nakamura – Owner MADabolic Asheville


How did you hear about MADabolic Inc.?

A good friend started working out at the flagship location when it opened. He raved about the workouts so I checked it out on a visit to Charlotte. Even with the positive build up, it exceeded my expectations.

What drew you to the company and how do our concepts fit into your lifestyle?

I was immediately impressed with the science behind the programming and valued the company’s intent and success with staying true to their core concepts as they grow. “Training to live” instead of “living to train” really resonated with me and was the balance of lifestyle I had been looking for with my workouts. 

What is your fitness routine?

I’m in the gym doing strength and interval training a few times a week. Outdoor activities make up the rest of my routine 3 or 4 days a week.

What activities do you like to do outside the gym? 

Stand Up Paddling is my happy place. I’ll squeeze in a paddle a couple of times a week even if it means hitting the lake before the sun rises. I also enjoy hiking and trail running. I’m very blessed to live in the middle of an outdoor playground that caters to all of my favorite activities.


What keeps you motivated? 

I come from an active family and fitness was always part of our lifestyle. I remember at a very young age making signs and cheering on my dad when he was running marathons. Our entire family spent our summers at the neighborhood tennis courts. So being active is part of who I am. The mental boost of a fitness routine is as important as the physical benefits for overall health and wellness. That awareness is a big incentive to kick it into gear on a daily basis. If all else fails and I need a little extra push, I put on a stellar playlist and I’m immediately motivated to get moving.

How do you think MADabolic Inc. will fit into Asheville’s fitness community?

Asheville is a hub for recreation and outdoor enthusiasts. MADabolic Inc. is the perfect lifestyle compliment for our community of yogis, kayakers, mountain bikers and runners. The programming allows time for [and encourages] the pursuit of your passions with the added bonus of performing better at what you already love to do.

Where are some of you favorite hangouts in Asheville (coffee, beer or food…all of the above)?

My first love is music so I’m concert bound quite often. The Orange Peel and The Grey Eagle are just a couple of the outstanding music venues in Asheville. Smaller venues like ISIS, Asheville Music Hall and The Mothlight are abundant so you can catch a good show in town on almost any night. For good eats, I love Nine Mile and Chai Pani. I’m a long-time vegetarian and Asheville is one the most accommodating places I’ve lived for eating out with healthy choices.


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