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State of MADness : Franchise #1 turns One

It is amazing that this journey began only 3 years ago.  We started with a couple distinct ideas, strongly supported by an overall concept.  We had an infectious look, a visionary take on athletic program design and a unique delivery which we believed to be non existent in the current fitness market.  Almost immediately we found success in the ultra competitive demographic know as center city Charlotte NC.  

Questions soon followed:


Would you ever consider doing a second Charlotte location?

Could you ever see this in other cities?

Have you ever thought about franchising?

A year passes and a greater vision begins to take shape.  In order to understand the franchise business we decided to hire a consulting firm out of California and began the 6 month process of creating what we thought this franchise should look like.  4+ hours of video conferencing per week took our ideas and helped transform them into reality.  Our concept was discussed, analyzed, challenged and eventually finalized into a 200+ page document called the Franchise Disclosure Document(FDD).

During this process we were approached by a group of four who now call themselves MADass Partners LLC and are the current owners of both MADabolic Cville and MADabolic Charleston.  There was a bit of a background to this story, we all knew of each other in someway through the fitness world and had developed a mutual respect for one another.  This was especially important to Kirk and I as this was our first attempt to see if our systems would actually translate into another market.

MADass Partners were always a strong supporter of the brands image but to date the biggest compliments we received from them (early on in the process) was how impressed they were with the complexity and balance to our program design.  This support provided the confidence and added validity to 3+ years of theory and practical application.  Now it was time to test this validity.  Eventually an agreement was signed, handshakes were exchanged and this initial venture and overall test began in Charlottesville VA.

Another major component and often at times the unspoken part of our program is community.  MADass Partners has always been quick to acknowledge this important concept.

“In Charlottesville we got lucky.  While we focused on building the business we somehow managed to find any business owner’s dream client base.  We have the clients that act as organic ambassadors to our business, both inside and outside of our space.  They encourage each other, regardless of the other persons tenure or expertise in our programming.  They give energy to our coaches and make coming in to take class the most exciting part of our days – and as business owners, there’s nothing more rewarding.  

Last week we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being MAD in Charlottesville and winning Best Niche Gym and I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the first year of business.  I think I speak for our whole group in saying we could not be more excited to build on the buzz and push into a very exciting year 2.

Thank you Charlottesville for the love and support over the last year (and longer) – we could not imagine having opened our first location anywhere else.”

Valerie Morini – MADass Partners LLC


We are so happy to see this tight knit community who like to call themselves #MADville thrive and are very humbled to watch the overall strength of the MADabolic Inc. brand grow.  This was the initial step and first step of many.  We want to congratulate MADabolic Cville on their first year of success and wish them many more in the future.  We are also happy to have the support of MADass Partners and are excited to help them develop their business goals within MADabolic Inc.  We wish them continued success in the future at both MADabolic Cville and MADabolic Charleston.

Congratulations to everyone.

Brandon – The MADscientist



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