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The Perfect Match – Ashley Andrews & Greenville, SC

Ashley Andrews has been with us for over a year and currently is one of our strongest coaches here at MADabolic Charlotte.  Ashley was a collegiate soccer player who just finished her Masters in Sport and Fitness Administration.  We have chosen her as our General Manager and leader for the Greenville community.  Greenville is absolutely going to love her and better yet, she already loves Greenville.  She is an avid cyclist who travels to Greenville regularly to ride with her boyfriend Brett. She will be relocating to the area in the near future.  You see, it’s a perfect match.

Brandon Cullen – The MADscientist


How were you introduced to MADabolic Inc.?

In 2006, luckily I had Dr. Christi DeWaele, (Kirk’s wife) as a professor during my senior year of undergrad at Wingate University.  Fortunately, our paths crossed again two years ago when I started graduate school at Winthrop University.  Christi would describe to me the MADabolic workouts she attended while enthusiastically demonstrating movements, such as the ‘bear crawl’ and ‘chimp shuffle’.  At that point, I knew I had to check out the MADness.  Over Thanksgiving break last year, I signed up for Sarah’s 5:30am class.  After hearing the white board speech, I knew the experience would be top-notch and I had no doubt I would be hooked.  The rest is history…I have loved every MADminute.

Where can we find you when you’re not at MADabolic CLT?

When I am not teaching or training at MADabolic CLT, I am usually hanging out with my other half, Brett.  We love the outdoors and enjoy traveling when we have the opportunity.  Our time together is usually spent cycling, hiking, backpacking, SUPing, or skiing.

If you can’t find me outside, I am probably at the grocery store prepping for our next real food meal, so we have the energy to maintain our MADlifestyle.


Give us an example of your perfect week, how do you balance your MADlifestyle with work, exercise, nutrition and fun? 

I take 4-5 MADabolic classes per week.  I also incorporate cycling and running into the mix. It is safe to say I have an addiction to endorphins and physical activity.  Rest days are harder for me than any workout.  I know taking days off are a necessity, but I am much happier when I am busy and moving.  I typically carry out an active rest, such as a walk and foam rolling.

My workout split is usually some variation of the following:

Monday- MADabolic

Tuesday- AM MADabolic & PM ride (30-50 miles)

Wednesday- active rest (walk) & foam roll

Thursday- MADabolic

Friday- MADabolic or run

Saturday- ride (40-50+ miles) or MADabolic

Sunday- active rest (hike, ski, SUP, or whatever I can get into outdoors)

What do you like most about MADabolic CLT and what is your favorite Interval? 

The interval programming, variety of movements, and intensity of the workouts attracted me to MADabolic.  The MAD community is also outstanding.  It is such a joy to coach and workout along side others that have such passion and motivation to accomplish great things.

Picking a favorite interval is extremely difficult…I’m a big fan of 30/30, The Broad Street Bully, and MADminute.  I feel like I am truly able to push my self the hardest in these intervals to fight through the burn since mentally I know I have equal rest right around the corner.  After collegiate soccer, I took up distance running and cycling– so I am a fan of longer grinds as well.  The newly added 1x300x5 definitely moved into one of the top spots as a favorite.


What song is on repeat on your playlist – What song currently gets your heart beating?

MELODIME is my favorite band, so I play their entire album “Where The Sinners & The Saints Collide” on repeat — anytime, any mood.

Your favorite quote that would represent your MADlifestyle?

“Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  –Albert Einstein

Ashley Andrews -



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