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Checking In With MADabolic Charleston: Let The Celebration Begin

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It was just over a year ago when our group really started to see Charleston as the next location in our lineup.  We met up with Pat at a restaurant in Charlotte and talked not only about MADabolic and our interval training, but also about our business philosophies, macro-level vision of the brand, and where our roles and responsibilities fit in the functional areas that are so necessary to be successful.  Pat, of course, shared his story with us as well; his experience, goals, and all of the things that drive him to keep pushing every day.

Over the next 6 months we slowly integrated Pat into our group; we taught him about our operational structures, our growth strategies, and all of the things we would have done differently or better in Charlottesville if we had known what we didn’t know (and believe me, this was not a short list).  We talked community strategy: the who, where, when + why; the importance of hiring the right coaches; and, most importantly having patience with the process (our own biggest challenge when we were getting ready to open Charlottesville).

As we expected, everything took longer than we hoped, and as frustrating as it was to play the hurry up and wait game with every step of the buildout, in retrospect that time was everything.  Instead of racing to the finish, we got to establish our processes.  We had enough time working with Pat to understand how to best leverage his strengths with ours; we planned out our space ten times over before we decided on the best flow.  We spent time with our coaches, not only training them, but getting to know their personalities and how to best develop them as individuals and a team.


We put more time and energy into building the community and planning our procedures than we had wanted to, but when the doors opened and the preview classes filled with the faces of our now ‘founding members,’ it was obvious that it was time well spent.

This weekend we are celebrating the whole process with our Grand Opening Party after 7 weeks of business.  We are celebrating our coaches and clients; and we are celebrating the fact that Pat not only stuck with us through it all, but that he helped us raise the bar for both what we expect from ourselves, and the service levels we expect for our clients.

If you live in Charleston, or will just happen to be in town, you’re invited.  MODpaleo will be in the MAD house all morning giving out samples of ther delicious and clean meals.  We have our regularly scheduled 8:30 and 9:30am classes for members, and then two chances for new clients to try us out in FREE private classes hosted by InTown.com (12pm) and lululemon athletica King Street (11am).

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The evening celebration will kick off at 7pm with food from the amazing folks fom Charleston Choo, sweet treats from King of Pops, and assorted beverages for all.  We’ve got some great prizes to give away, and we promise you won’t want to miss out.

While we have a lot to celebrate, it’s incredible to realize that this is just the beginning.  Thank you Charleston for welcoming us in to your community and bringing the energy and enthusiasm that is so contagious in every class.  You’re awesome.

Val Morini – MADass Partners 


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