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28toLIFE – Balance Stresses Me Out


Balance is such a buzz word these days. I hear it all the time. I can’t seem to go through a day without someone saying, “I want to find balance in my life”. Unfortunately for me, the word “balance” has always conjured up the image of a man on a tight rope, and I have to tell you, watching a man on a tight rope only stresses me out.  Since stress does not equate with health, I think I need to find another word or catch phrase.

Good health is a process, and if we get stuck thinking it’s just about exercise and nutrition, we might overlook some others aspects of our lives that are undermining this process.

For me, when one aspect of my life starts to completely dominate the other parts, it causes immense stress and anxiety which leaves me feeling unhealthy . The same might be true for the over-exerciser who continually beats their body down and never allows it to recover.  Then there’s the workaholic who lives in a constant state of stress believing that over-scheduling and always available is a sign of success. Maybe it’s the crazy busy stay-at-home mom of three who thinks her children and husband are more important then her own health and fitness routine.  Any of these stressful scenarios compete daily with our desire to be healthy. Talk about tight rope walkers!


This is MY solution …

I tend to view my life as a set of boxes, and since I am an organization freak, they are Container Store boxes with titles on the front.  Of course I am not talking about real boxes, but virtual boxes that exist only in my head.  Each of the boxes and titles represent what is important in my life.

Here are my boxes, complete with titles:

RELATIONSHIPS – Spending time in quality relationships away form social media and making a connection to real life creates a healthy emotional life.

  • FAMILY – children, husband, extended family
  • FRIENDS – group of like-minded people that make me laugh

FITNESS – Enjoying the movement that I choose to do and the food that I eat.

  • EXERCISE – MADabolic Inc., Yoga, biking and running
  • NUTRITION – Real Food Freedom of course (28toLIFE) Choosing real and nutrient packed foods that not only nourish but provide amazing flavor.
  • SLEEP – Rest equals quality recovery.  I personally do best with 7 hrs and and the occasional nap.

CAREER – I am one of the lucky ones and have a career I love. It is challenging yet enjoyable and rewarding.

FUN – biking, hiking, playing with my kids and listening to music.

I like to fill all my boxes with meaning. They may not get 100% of me all the time but when one seems to get more then the other it’s time to put a lid on it and open the next one.

Sound a bit MAD to you??? It’s meant to be. In fact, at MADabolic Inc. we refer to  it  as “your MADlifesyle”.  It includes everything you do outside our doors, all the things you do when we aren’t looking … anything that gets you off that tight rope and allows you to fully commit to your good health is part of it.


So, if the word “balance’ is just not working for you, create and live a version of the MADlifestyle that works for you. If you’re really stuck for ideas, try boxes….the nice ones from the Container Store, it always works for me.



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