Checking In With MADabolic LKN: The Doors Are Open

Hey Lake Norman,LKN_watermark

It didn’t take Tracie and Roland Chan long to decide that it was time to bring a little MADness to the Lake. They came, they saw, they fell in love with the vitality that is Lake Norman, and now MADabolic LKN is a reality.

“We are thrilled to finally be open in Lake Norman!  The community has been warm and welcoming and we can’t wait to share our MADlifestyle with everyone.”  – Tracie Chan 

After months of design work and decision-making, the gym is open and a team of MAD trainers are waiting to show you what the excitement is all about. Preview week was amazing; sold out classes with the opportunity for several local groups to experience the MADness firsthand, and now … the doors are officially open to all of Lake Norman.

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Sign-up for the New Client Special here or any groups or teams interested in their own private preview classes can set up an appointment at  [email protected].


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