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State of MADness w/ Brandon ~ March 2014 Recap

March was a month full of team building, vision planning and the future.


The middle of the month was dedicated to franchise training where both the Charleston and Lake Norman teams experienced MADabolic Inc’s philosophy and systems. This weekend left me exhausted but also exhilarated with the potential these groups have to offer. The MADabolic LKN team, headed up by Owner Operator Tracie Chan brings a huge array of new personalities and dynamic talents which will only strengthen this brand in the Greater Charlotte area. We are happy to have them as partners and a strong support staff just down the road. Together we will grow this great market. 

The Charleston team is comprised of young, hungry athletes and is the second location from MADass Partners LLC who recently opened MADabolic Cville in 2013. I truly believe that MADabolic Charleston has the potential to be one of our strongest markets out of the gate. From all of the research we have done and the vibe that is slowly building I have a funny feeling Chuck-town is ready for MADness.

We are also proud to announce a brand new addition to our franchising team, Dusty and Alex Jamieson. Two of my closest friends have decided to embark on this MAD journey and relocate from Charlotte NC to Raleigh NC.

Dusty was one of the most gifted athletes I ever had the chance to lace up my skates with. He’s was my line mate and a roommate for the better part of the decade and is a born leader. I am excited to see the team he and Alex help groom to take this Raleigh market by storm.


“I was introduced to Brandon and Kirk’s unique approach years ago which dramatically helped elevate my fitness level even late in my hockey career. Not only have I experienced these results hands on but I have also watched them build this brand from the ground up through years of sweat and a complete dedication towards perfecting their craft. Alex and I are thrilled at the thought of being surrounded by likeminded people who enjoy living and thriving in this MADlifestyle; Raleigh is a very active city, full of people who simply love to move. Ones who love to bike, run, practice yoga, and stay fit in a variety of ways. MADabolic Inc. is the perfect environment and the future we want for our young family.” 

I have no doubt this dynamic duo is the perfect fit for our company and the Raleigh market. It will be a very exciting time for me personally to see two of my closest friends smiles when their doors are open sometime in the near future with our iconic logo on the door.

Finally, we closed out the month with a Primal field trip. Last weekend our Corporate Staff, Owner Operators and Franchisees were fortunate enough to attend a MovNat Workshop as a team building experience and a fun way to burn off some steam after our annual meetings.
photo 2

MovNat defines themselves as a physical education & fitness system based on the full range of natural human movement abilities. Long story short, they specialize in Primal Athleticism, one of our “5 Functions of MADness”. For two straight days we ran, jumped, crawled, swung from monkey bars, tumbled, balanced, climbed and fell from trees (or at least I did). We were given the chance to be kids again and even though it was only for a couple days it sure felt good.

What I liked most about the entire workshop was the familiar language and presence, the laid back attitude and a mutual respect that was shared between our two companies. Variety is key but balance is everything. Lectures revolved around being efficient rather than just being effective and that counting reps was largely overrated. All messages we would support and preach 100%.

But the most important and apparent theme of the weekend is this and is one I’ve actually taken directly from their hand book. It reads :

“Variety should not be mistaken for randomization. As effective program design demands the presence of a pattern”

Enough said …

At MADabolic Inc. nothing is by chance.


Brandon Cullen ~ The MADscientist

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