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28toLIFE – Fueling My Perfect Week

I am fascinated with nutrition and it is one of my favorite things to talk about, but it is also very simple – I eat real food.  I didn’t always know exactly what my body needed to feel satisfied, energized and completely nourished.  That took me a little while to figure out.  I now know what fuels me and provides me the energy and nutrition for “My Perfect Week”.

By eating a balance of all three macronutrients (Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates) and controlling the amount of sugar used as energy I can tap into my body fat as an energy source.  When you can use your stored body fat efficiently you have a never ending source of energy.    That new found source of energy took my performance to a new level.  A transformation occurred and I become leaner, stronger and healthier.

“My Perfect Week” cycles between three to four days at MADaboilcCLT and I add at least two days of some fun to my schedule during the week.  On my fun days I like to try different things and you can find me out and about at any number of different studios around Charlotte – FlyWheel, Carolina Barre and Core,  the countless amazing Yoga Studios this city has to offer or outside biking on The Greenway on my Beach Cruiser,  hiking or at the park with my family (three kids keep you moving).

Here is what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.59.18 PM

The follow-up question is always “What do you eat?”  or “Can you tell me what you eat and I will eat exactly that?”

I create my meals in a way that balances all the macronutrients and allows me to feel satisfied, energized and completely nourished.  When I eat like this it allows me to use fat for energy, the never ending source of energy.

Here is how I do it:

1st meal – Breakfast_DSC7668-S

PROTEIN – 3 eggs every morning or chicken sausage or clean bacon or a mix of two

CARBOHYDRATES – Big handful of red peppers with spinach and a small piece of fruit.

FAT – 1/2 of a large avocado or a whole small one.

I am completely boring and eat the same ingredients almost everyday.  However it can look different day to day, by cooking ahead of time in an egg muffin, I can warm it up and take it with me.  I also can make a quick scramble with the protein and vegetables before I head out the door. If I have a bit longer I cook it in my cast iron skillet and make a beautiful frittata.  I do not put a set time on this 1st meal.  Most days I’m not hungry when I wake up and I will wait until 10 – 10:30am to eat.  Other days I may workout early and get hungry earlier and eat this at 7:30 – 8am.

2nd meal – Lunch

I like to eat leftovers for lunch.  I cook enough the night before that I have leftovers for the next day.  In theory this works, however with a growing family and kids who love to eat real food too I may not have leftovers at least once during the week.  I always have food available in my fridge for these times.

PROTEIN – A cooked chicken or a roast become easy and convenient.  Another favorite protein to grab and go is a clean chicken sausage which _DSC7681-Mare easy and portable.

CARBOHYDRATES – A bag of mixed greens from the farmers market is my favorite or cut up vegetables (always in my fridge chopped and ready to go).  A small piece of fruit completes my meal.

FAT – I add almond or sun butter to the piece of fruit for a healthy portion of fat.

I can always run across the street to Healthy Home Market and create this exact meal too, or any restaurant or grocery store for that matter.  It becomes as simple as grabbing your protein then filling your plate with carbohydrates (vegetables and fruits) and topping it all off with fat.  Again I have no set time on this meal whatever works into my schedule.  I do not go longer then 5 hours without eating my next nutrient packed meal.

3rd Meal – Dinner

Like I said before I like to cook enough so I have left overs for the next day.  Everyone thinks I eat so extravagantly but I really don’t.  My fridge is stocked with:

PROTEIN – ground beef, steaks, chicken, fish, eggs_DSC7614-M

CARBOHYDRATES – fresh produce on my counter: bananas, cantaloup, squash (spaghetti,  butternut, acorn) and in the fridge bag salad, kale, carrots, onions, cauliflower with my fruit staples apples, grapes and berries.  An array of carbohydrate choices.

FATS – My pantry is stocked with a variety of fat choices like nuts, nut butters and oils from Pour Olive (I love that store, make it a point to stop by).  You can also find cans and jars of different olives and some shredded coconut and canned coconut milk.

Grabbing a protein, adding vegetables and a fat makes creating dinner easy and fun.  I win some and I lose some – not all dinners are keepers but for the most part creating delicious nutrient packed meals are easy when you are prepared and have the things available in your fridge.

“If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food”  my new favorite quote


I usually stay away from snacking and for the most part tell my clients to as well.  During the time that you have not just eaten food and you are satisfied and full of energy is when you are burning fat (Fat Burning Machine).  However you may not always be able to eat your 3 meals perfectly spaced out 5 hours apart and you may get hungry and need something to hold you until you get to that next nutrient packed meal.  This happens to me if I have to work out in the evenings and can’t get to dinner until after.  I grab a protein and a fat to get me through that workout.  This allows my body a little fuel but does not supply it with sugar.  That way my body burns through the sugar in my muscle cells and liver cells first and drives it straight to my fat once they are depleted.

PROTEIN  – Clean Jerky or a hard boiled egg

FAT – Handful of nuts or olives


I drink when I am thirsty and add water to ever meal.  Here are a few ways I like to drink my water._DSC7709-S

Infused Water – Cucumber,  lime, mint or lemon and lime.  I just add a couple of slices of each to water and let it sit  – this adds great flavor and an added burst of natural micronutrients.

Coconut Water – the perfect and natural way to get some post workout electrolytes

Sparkling Water – I add berries, lime or lemon – just for that added flavor

Create your perfect week and fuel it with REAL FOOD!



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