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State of MADness w/ Brandon ~ February 2014 Recap

What a start to 2014 …

Each day I am thrilled, but more so humbled, by the growing interest and tremendous support surrounding MADabolic inc.; the brand and the program.  It took years to develop but I can confidently say that we are very proud of the product we offer, and the team we have assembled.

Last month we saw the beginning stages of our two newest locations, MADabolic Charleston and MADabolic LKN, take shape.  The ground has broken, the teams are assembled, our colors have begun to bleed onto the walls and an exhilarating buzz is spreading throughout these two vibrant communities. We are also very proud to announce that MADabolic Inc. is heading to Canada where my younger sister, Ashley Mol, will be acting as managing partner to help this vision become a reality. Earlier this week we finalized our lease and plan to open in Burlington ON early this summer.

Office LOVE

Behind the scenes we are quietly working on some major announcements regarding new markets which we hope to share with you in the upcoming weeks.  Program design is a constant evolution, and will continue to be.  This month you may have noticed our newest toy and method of MADness (the UltraSlide Sideboards) which were added to the program.

The most important update we want to share this month is the ever apparent shift in the vision of the brand.  Never before have I ever felt more sure about the right timing surrounding a single thought.  It is a time like this where having a strong supporting staff has been a blessing.  In all honesty we were once torn by the fear, and even relied on the secrecy of our program to protect it’s day to day structure.

This dynamic shift in thinking is centered around educating the client, sharing the WHY, and explaining the HOW.  We believe we have created a one of a kind program with no comparison in structure and design.  We also believe we’ve created a new thought process and balanced approach to fitness; the perfect compliment to any active lifestyle.

We are often asked questions such as:
“ How many days a week should I be coming to MADabolic? ”
“ I am training for a marathon, How many days a week should I be in here? ”
“ Will MADabolic Inc. help with my yoga practice — true passion?”
“ How do I fit MADabolic Inc. into my busy Triathlon schedule?

These real life scenarios walk through the doors of our facility daily, and without the WHY we believe we are missing a great opportunity to distinguish ourselves.

So, the conversation begins …

Be sure to check out the brand new tab added to the website titled “The Program”.  This is the start of the education process.  These pages hold the keys to our thoughts and theory. Over time we hope this becomes a spoken language in the fitness world.

2014 is the year we spread this knowledge. We want our people to know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.  We want them to share this and we want them to truly believe this.

We want the fitness world to know we are a little different. We are athletes, we are runners, we are parents, we are yogis. We are the weekend warriors. We like to move and we move often — and we are just getting started.

Nothing we do is by chance…

And we want to share it all!

I can’t thank you enough for your continued support.


Brandon Cullen – The MADscientist


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