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MADlifestyle Check-In: Tracie in Lake Norman

I’m most passionate about building relationships with other people.  Deep and meaningful relationships are important to overall health and wellness, and are at the foundation of my love of MADabolic and the community that we are so excited to build in Lake Norman.

There is so much local beauty in this community, and so many great lifestyle options from food to the actual landscape — we’re very lucky. As a runner I love Jetton Park; it’s an amazing place to start and end a run with incredible views of the lake. When I’m training I also love to run the cross country trails in Davidson — so many options to keep that MADlifestyle going outdoors — i love it.

I’m usually in MADabolic 3-4 days a week, but when I’m not, I’m usually running.  Running is how I best challenge myself, and use the opportunity to be outside and to organize  my thoughts.  I like to balance my week with yoga and other activities such as swimming, indoor cycling or barre classes at Carolina Core and Barre (in Charlotte) or Pure Barre – LKN.  

That being said, MADabolic is the perfect strength and endurance program for me, and has benefitted my running more than I probably even know.  The strength that I’ve gained from the programming has helped with injury prevention during my high-mileage training cycles, and has made me into an overall stronger and more resilient runner.  

Tracie Running
I would say that my perfect day would be a combination of good food, good company, good sweat, and good dogs!

All of my free time is spent with my four (4) canine companions, and my awesome husband Roland.  Our furry kids are all about rolling around outside or snuggling on the couch — both of which work for me – so there’s never a dull moment. There’s also never a day without good food.

MADabolic LKN: tracie & turk

Day to day you’ll find me at the Starbucks in Birkdale Village — It is close to MADabolic-LKN that it’s the most convenient for my routine and all the meetings in my life, but I just discovered Waterbean Coffee up the road in Cornelius their french press is amazing so I will be making a point to get back there soon!

For dinner I love Dressler’s in Birkdale, and at least once a week you can find me at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar for lunch. Corkscrew wine bar in Birkdale is probably my favorite place to grab wine with friends, and they have great outdoor seating when the weather is nice — which will hopefully be soon! While those are my spots, my dogs all would agree that the best part of our community (and life) is the Yappy Hour Bakery Treat Truck that’s always in Birkdale on the weekends.  

I was introduced to MADabolic through a class that lululemon Southpark helped to organize specifically for runners.  The class was designed to show runners how the programming could benefit their training and I loved how clean and defined the program was – I knew that I’d be back for more! I’m excited to grow our relationship in Lake Norman with the lululemon in Birkdale and to be a part of their mission to inspire and empower the community.

I am so inspired by Kelly Fillnow of Fillnow Coaching and the Timex Multisport Team (who also happens to be an ambassador for the Birkdale luluelmon).
Not only is she an amazing and unstoppable professional triathlete, she has a genuine desire to share her knowledge and expertise with others.  She encourages others to really dig deep and find their fullest potential, and it has had a huge impact on me. I love how it trickles down into the community.

Since we’re still getting set to open in the next month or two my routine is a little here and there, but I’m looking forward to getting to know the community more personally, to support the businesses that our future clients own, and to get a more localized view of our neighborhood — suggestions are appreciated!  


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