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MADabolic Inc.: The Future in 39 Words

What we want to say in 2014 …

It all began with a simple exercise that turned into a 2 and 1/2 week adventure: defining who we are.  The goal was to come up with the perfect wording, a simple group of sentences to describe MADabolic Inc.  What does it mean to us, how we are different and what are we providing the client?  Like everything we do, we wanted it to be perfect.

So, what do we want to accomplish in 2014?

In short we want to educate the consumer, we are ready to share this passion.  What once worried us, the secrecy behind our daily thought process and the overall program design is something we have grown very proud of.

Our lack for complacency is a beautiful flaw that we believe will allow us to become a huge a player in the competitive fitness arena.  We have a corporate team stacked with diverse fitness backgrounds and franchising partners any company would die for.  We have big plans for the growth of the company, new markets to embrace and major announcements just around the corner.  We have exciting new additions to the program and brand specific ideas on the way.



‘What is MADabolic?’   

It all begins with 39 words:

MADabolic Inc. is an innovative interval based strength and endurance program. Each workout is intentionally crafted to deliver a specific intensity and provide lasting results. Everything we do is predetermined, carefully structured, and built to compliment any active lifestyle.”

* A brand specific fitness platform with no comparison.  A program designed with the  perfect balance of passion, education and true athletic experience.

* With the clock as the mile marker you are left with a very scalable and honest  effort. Our entire program is designed around interval training and work-to-rest ratios.  We believe interval training is a true test of ones current fitness level and a daily  challenge with no room for plateaus.

Strength and Endurance Program
* Although we do consider ourselves an athletic endurance program we definitely come  from a strength base.  Out of the “5 daily movements” you will always notice two strength  biased movements.  This thought process is crucial to our program and is also the first  thing we look at when designing a specific day or when laying out a entire week of  balanced workouts.

Intentionally Crafted 
* Unfortunately our world is often driven by trends and marketing schemes.  Many fitness  programs these days thrive on the idea of muscle confusion and random design.  Some  even believe that routine is the enemy.  To each their own, but we completely disagree  with this random idea.  Everything we do has reason and a specific place in our program.

Specific Intensity
* Don’t get me wrong, we love intensity but our intensity has purpose.  Each day we are  looking for a specific response from the body.  An earlier blog post titled “The M.A.D.  Theory” speaks to our thought process and the specific themes the help create our  intervals.  Again, every thought and idea has a specific reason, nothing is by chance.

Lasting Results
* This is not a fad or the latest fitness trend.  This was developed from years of  experience, practice and hands on trial and error.

Compliment Any Active Lifestyle
* Quite possibly the most important part of these 39 words.  We take pride in this  position, the perfect compliment to any active lifestyle.  Our clients have made the  choice to be different as they refuse to be a statistic.  From everyday people to  professional athletes, whatever the passion, we provide them the strength and  endurance to do it even better. They are athletes, they are runners, they are parents,  they are yogis. They are the weekend warriors. They like to move and they move often.  The didn’t choose this, they are this. They were MAD before the MADness existed.

We have plenty to say in 2014 …

Stay tuned.

Brandon Cullen ~ Founder / CEO


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