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We’re in the business of designing intervals – intentionally, and expertly, pairing movements that give our clients the most effective and efficient results possible.  Our programming focuses on our three main intentions – Momentum, Anaerobic, Durability – the sum of which provides our clients with comprehensive training objectives from maximum intensity to total endurance. If you come to us to increase your strength and endurance, we will undoubtedly do that, but as we always say, we aren’t the universal replacement for other aspects of a healthy active lifestyle.
At some point, whether it’s immediate or an eventual evolution, most clients will ask about nutrition; and more specifically, eating for performance.  The great thing about the fitness industry these days is that diets are a thing of the past, and clean and local eating are the preferred methods for fueling active lifestyles.
28 to life real food freedom
While there are a number of smart programs and philosophies out there that promote and educate the benefits of eating clean, we always love to pull from the experience and knowledge of our own, so we will frequently refer to the Charlotte location’s most tenured trainer, Cristina, and her book 28toLife.  Cristina has held several of her nutrition seminars at our Charlotte location, as well one at the new Charlottesville location, to provide support, education, and personal coaching to interested clients.
28 to life change your lifestyle
While we love sharing Cristina’s story and her book on their own merit, it’s also about the shared experience of clients who participate.  Getting to see big changes in clients’ bodies with comprehensive results from their training and nutrition plans is pretty great, but seeing performance and strength increase as a result of better and more efficient fueling completes the circle for us.


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