Cville Milestone: First Client to 100 Classes!

There are certain milestones that are naturally on your radar when you open a business: lease signing, buildout completion, opening day, and certain anniversaries.   When we were opening the Charlottesville location, we had all of these milestones on our minds, but there were some we hadn’t planned for — at least not in the first six months.

Last week, as we kicked off 2014 and strolled into month 5 of being open, our first client hit 100 classes.  That is 100 classes in just over four and a half months – a pretty impressive undertaking for someone in a brand new market.  But then again, this client (like so many that were edging right up on her heels) is pretty impressive.

Anita was one of the originals – a bootcamper turned MAD – and a 6am regular.   She is a wife (to Uday…who fell slightly short of his bride in the class count…), the mother to three beautiful children, and the amazing talent behind Maliha Creations, a specialty bakery in Charlottesville.

Maliha creations

Most thursday and friday nights of the year, when other people are winding down their work weeks, Anita is running on deadline to deliver cakes for special occasions and at least one wedding (sometimes four).  And these cakes are not your average cakes, they’re amazing works of art (masterpieces to those of us whose only former baking friend was Betty Crocker).

One HellUVA Grooms Cake

One HellUVA Grooms Cake

Maliha Creations

Despite working crazy long hours perfecting her clients’ dream cakes, and balancing business stress with the demands of her family, Anita has still managed to be the most consistent client to partake in the MADness, and is a definite staff favorite to see signed up for class.  She has a determination and strength that is double her physical size and she has the discipline necessary to maintain her form and make quick changes throughout the longest and most intense intervals.

We can’t say enough good things about Anita, and definitely can’t fully put into words how much we appreciate her support and loyalty as MADabolic grows in Charlottesville, but we can celebrate her and her 100 class achievement.

MADabolic Cville: Guptas

Congratulations Anita – you’re the reining century champion of Charlottesville!  But you better keep your eye on 200, because you’ve got some pretty MAD people chasing you down.


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