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Finding the Balance in the Grey Area

We’ve been known to talk about the ‘grey area,’ in fact, we’re kind of in love with it.  It’s a foundational belief of MADabolic Inc.  It’s the space between the extremes, the place where the majority lives, and the only place where balance is possible – if you want it.

It’s easy to get caught up in imbalanced habits.  We place expectations (or even limitations) on ourselves, and our lives, that are beyond the scope of what is both reasonable and possible.  So give yourself a damn break.

Whether we’re talking about training or eating, focus on quality and not quantity, balance not obsession.  Take days off.  Listen to your body and when it tells you it needs rest, give it rest.  When it needs fuel, fuel it.  And, when it needs a good sweat, go forth and get after it.  Do things that make your body and mind stronger – not the opposite.

I wish I had understood this balance earlier in my life.  It has taken me years to find mine – or mainly just trust it.  To trust that 30 minutes of high quality and intensely focused work will be exponentially more effective than a 60 or 90 minute grind on the treadmill.  That eating real and unprocessed (FULL fat!) foods would make my body leaner and my energy higher.  Or, that taking days off would actually make me perform better.  I was resistant – but as soon as I let go of the idea that quantity and control was the answer, and just let myself live, my body (and mind) thanked me.

When we talk to new clients, the conversation is not about selling them on becoming full time MADabolic converts, or strictly following a sports performance diet.  We talk about finding balance in your schedule, body, and lifestyle.  Taking class 7 days a week, lifting the heaviest weights, and never ever eating a grain again is not going to necessarily improve your quality of life.  In fact, I’m almost going to guarantee that it would do more to tear you down than to build you up.  Take it all in stride, in moderation, and drop the things that don’t fit. It’s about finding your own balance, and that means something different for everyone.


We’re in the business of making you stronger in whatever you do – whether you’re a yogi, runner, parent, or an everyday athlete.   We want to compliment your lifestyle, and not take it over.   That’s the grey area – the livable, complimentary, and ever-loving positive space where the MADness happens.

Valerie Morini
Director of Social Media Strategy & Community Development


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