The MADlifestyle of Cville Trainer: Ryan Baker

When we’re hiring trainers, whether it’s at the Charlotte flagship, or at any of the franchises, one of the most important qualifying points to join our extended family is their MADlifestyle.  What are the points of diversity in their own interests, passions, and leadership styles that will best enhance our team, and the experience of every client who comes in to train. We want people who are living their own authentic lifestyles before they walk in our doors, and will continue to do so when they walk out.

That being said, we’ve been harping on the concept of the MADlifestyle pretty frequently lately, as well as the MAD Theory that we shared again this week, so it seemed appropriate to highlight one of our founding trainers in Charlottesville, Ryan Baker, and the aspects of his lifestyle that make him such a pillar at this new location.  So, without building up any more anticipation, here’s a little more information about what makes Ryan tick, in his own words:

‘For me, having a MADlifestyle, means being able to choose any lifestyle I want, when I want.  I’ve studied chemistry, been an Air Force Officer, attended joint military navigator training, worked in construction, explored different corporate jobs and industries, patrolled the streets as a deputy sheriff, and I now have the privilege of coaching at MADabolic Inc.  I’ve been fortunate to not just have new and varied experiences, but actually live them, eagerly learning and succeeding in each new and unique environment.  A major contributor to taking advantage of these opportunities has always been living an active, healthy lifestyle that leaves me plenty of time to learn and try new things.

Ryan MADlife

In my twenties, I taught myself to play the drums.  In my thirties, I learned to wakeboard.  At 35, I’m playing flag football for the first time since high school.   My wife and I are the oldest on a team mostly consisting of 24 year olds who were high school and college athletes, who generously let me play quarterback and defend the most athletic members of the other teams.  The best part of my MADlifestyle, besides being able to throw touchdown passes to my wife, is that I see no need or reason to slow down.

Ryan MADlife: wakeboard

I’ve exercised and lifted weights my whole life, wasting much of that time trying to figure out the magic ratio of cardio to weights and how to isolate muscle groups.  I enjoyed it, but the best part of the workout was always listening to music, and the constant frustration of dealing with injuries seemed to slow me down.  Four years ago, I was introduced to the ideas of intensity and functional fitness, and it reawakened my mind and body to the concept that an hour of sweat a day is not just a hobby, but an integral part of everything I am doing and will want to do.  Now I spend less time exercising, no time dealing with injuries, and more time reaping the rewards of my overall improved health and fitness from an hour a day of sweat.  This past year I was introduced to the Five Functions of Madness and MAD Theory at MADabolic Inc., and was further energized knowing that an intense hour a day of sweat should always be new and fun.

Besides spending weekends jumping wakes and evenings either playing sports with 20 year olds or acting as the elder statesman of a mosh pit, the most important reason I have to stay active is so I can keep up with my incredible wife who is always looking for an adventure, usually in a foreign country.  Our goal seems to be to knock off bucket list items before we actually create the list.  Recently we spent four days hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, a remarkable trip made all the more incredible considering we’ve never hiked more than three hours at a time and always relatively close to sea level.

Peru, September, 2013 042

We’re already planning our next South American adventure and trying to find a metal festival in Europe to attend.  The beautiful thing about this MADlifestyle is we’ll really be able to take full advantage of it in 30 years when we actually have time for everything we’re already doing.

I’m not exactly sure what my MADlifestyle holds for me in the future, but I know I’m ready for it.’



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