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Defining MADlifestyle + Celebrating Individual MADness

This week we’re going to be talking a lot about MADlifestyles, and what they mean to each of us in our own individual ways, and in our own unique communities, so it seems like a good time to revisit what that means to us.  As we continue to develop MADabolic Inc, and deepen our footprint, we will be celebrating this part of our culture.  So here it is:


What exactly is it?  What does it mean to you?  What does it mean to me? What does it mean to us?

‘MADlifestyle’ is the campaign and vision we are building our entire company around.  We are not just talking about a workout, but rather a way to look at the world; a perspective lead by intensity and balance in everything we do,  one where health and fitness drive you but will never define you. We danced around the actual word “lifestyle,” since it is often over used in todays pop culture, but unfortunately, we simply could not avoid it.  This is our lifestyle, something we believe in, something we live everyday — that is always lead by example.

Our MADlifestlye is so important that I wanted to define it, and acknowledge the way we view it as a company.


“A person who refuses to be a statistic.  The architect of his and hers own life.  A goal seeker who creates their on path and one who chooses to do what they love”

We see it everywhere; there are the people who make it happen and those who don’t.  Those who make excuses and those who won’t.  The world typically accepts mediocrity while we live to stand out.  Our lives revolve around movement and our community likes to move, often.  If we didn’t exist our clients would still be sweating somewhere.  To them we are recognized as the strength and conditioning component designed to compliment their in-motion lifestyle.

Brandon - MADlifestyle

Everyday our facilities are filled with schedule taxed working parents, standing next to over achieving single parents.  We see time consumed professionals (such as investment bankers, small business owners and attorneys) who still find a way to get in their daily sweat.  Free spirited hippies and ex college athletes converge within our walls.  We are the new home to Yogi’s, Triathletes and Runners providing them more strength to pursue their passions.  The stereotypes do not define our clients, they all have their own unique MADlifestyle that shares one common theme : SWEAT.  Fitness is the equalizer.  Fitness is their balance, and the constant in their lifestyles that they will not compromise on.

Balance is also a key component to our views.  We are conscience and honest about the food we put into our bodies, but are also not shy to enjoy a drink with our friends when life calls for it.  We believe it is ok to share an ice cream cone with your loved ones, and that ‘Pizza Night’ is great thing.

“Life is only as good as the memories we make.”  The Ataris 

A brilliant and relevant quote borrowed from punk rock song I discovered in my early 20’s and one that I proudly wear permanently on my rib cage .  I don’t think there is a truer statement that I could use to sum this up this mindset.

Brandon - MADlifestyle 2

So, what does MADlifestyle mean to me?  It’s the ability to enjoy a balanced life and also tackle any of the ‘unexpected’ that may be thrown at me.

If I were to flesh out how that translates into a more personalized list defining what makes up my own MADlifestyle, it would look something like this:

* To be able to move 7 days a week while enjoying 1 hour of sweat a day.

* To run a half marathon on the weekend if I feel like it.

* To challenge my self to compete in few triathlons a year.

* To teach my son the importance of nutrition but also eventually buy him his first beer.

Brandon MADlifesyle / grayson

* To watch him grow up in an active environment lead by me and my family.

* To introduce him to team sports at a young age.

* To embrace the family tradition of ‘PIzza Night’ on the weekends.

Brandon - Fam MADlifestyle

* To explore random activities such as stand up paddle boarding on holidays.

* To welcome new challenges as I age such as Yoga and maybe even meditation (If I can slow my head down).

* To continue to learn, study and push new boundaries in the fitness world.

* To continue to experience as much live music as possible.

Brandon Cullen ~ The MADscientist

What does your #MADlifestyle look like?



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