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Virginia is for MADness: Charlottesville Location Set to Open!

We’ve been a long time in coming.  Our partnership group started planning our business a year ago; looking for space, developing clientele, exploring the needs and gaps in the Charlottesville fitness market and how perfectly this concept fills them.  We waited patiently through the franchising process; holding our breath for news from Brandon and Kirk on next steps, approvals, and the small tweaks and evolutions they were making to the brand and programming.

In May we officially got the green light.

Next week, after a year of anticipation, and even more work, we will be opening the doors in Charlottesville.  The space is (nearly) complete, our trainers have been trained in the MAD methods, branded retail has been delivered, and the programming is ready to go.  It’s the first time in the last decade that I have been excited to see an erg (rowing machine) placed in front of me, much less put it together with my own two hands (a sentiment that will undoubtedly fade).

MADness: Charlottesville

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Dar, the Mayor of MADville and CEO of our MADass Partnership group.  For the last several months she has been working tirelessly overseeing the buildout, ordering the equipment, and making sure that all of the assorted pieces of business operations have been properly executed.  This week all of the equipment was delivered and she and our (favorite) landlord spent hours putting together all of our brand new toys and really getting the ball rolling on the ‘sweatworking’ piece of the ever-growing MADlifestyle.

MADness: Charlottesville

While they put together the racks and big equipment I had the pleasure of being the ‘organizer’ which meant an awesome game of ‘52 (medball) pick-up,’ that included all of the medicine balls and slam balls (all the way up to the 70lb slam ball that I agreed to disagree with, and left every ounce of his dead weight right where he was).

MADness: Charlottesville

Next up was the Kettlebell clean and (literally) rack, which completely freed me from any further need to workout for the day.

In case you were wondering, yes, we do have plenty of weights for all strength levels;  from the adorable pink kettlebells that my noodle arms are favoring today, to the ones that I, even in my most heroic attempts, couldn’t budge from the floor.

Aside from the excitement of equipment delivery day, it has been amazing to see the space come together.  The paint has made the walls pop more, our offices are set up and almost ready to go, the floor is down, and most impressively, we have a piece of historic Virginia greeting every client that walks in our doors.

MADness: Charlottesville

Our front desk is far from a Lowe’s build at home project.  It’s a masterpiece that our friend Matthew built with wood from the rafters of an old (1920’s) virginia barn, and designed from the incredible brilliance of his own mind.

MADness: Charlottesville

We are in love with the desk and the even greater connection it brings to Virginia as we begin to take root as a business, brand, and lifestyle.  This is the beginning of something pretty incredible, and we’re so lucky to be kicking it off in Charlottesville.

When I asked Dar if she was overwhelmed she said, ‘I knew it was going to be a lot of work, it always is.  That’s just part of the building process for any business – it’s both something I live for and something I dread – but this time the excitement and anticipation of this amazing concept and the brilliant programming has made it more motivating than taxing.  Being able to open the doors in Charlottesville in just a matter of days is a feeling beyond anything that I can really put into words.  I’m so appreciative of the support we have felt from the Charlottesville and Charlotte communities from the moment that we announced our plans, and can’t wait to share our success.’  I think we all echo her sentiment and could not be more excited to bring the MADness to Charlottesville.

Preview week classes are set to begin on Thursday, August 15th, with free community classes, and a soft opening to follow on Monday the 19th.  Virginia is officially for MADness. 


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