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Checking in with Charlottesville

Back in May we announced the signing of the first two MADabolic Inc. franchises in Charlottesville and Richmond, VA.  As excited and busy as we have been preparing for this growth, no one has been as deep in the MADness as Dar Malecki, one of the franchise owners and the operating partner for the Charlottesville location (expected to open the first week of August).

Dar: Mayor of MADville

Dar is a critical leader in her partnership group, truly pushing the brand forward and adding vital energy and experience MADabolic Inc. family.  Having spent years in the corporate world, Dar always had a passion for fitness, one that she maintained by teaching cycle, participating in numerous powerlifting competitions, and being a perpetual student of strength training.  Since leaving the corporate world Dar has owned, operated, and developed several high end fitness facilities, and dedicated years to learning as much as she could about strength training, functional fitness, and a broad range of performance techniques.  It’s the combination of her business understanding and fitness experiences that truly makes her an invaluable addition our growing family.

She is certified in nearly everything you could imagine (seriously), but would say that the three most useful and transferable certifications she has are: her Personal Training certification from the Cooper Institute, her Functional Movement Screen (FMS) level 1 & 2 certifications, and her USAW Sports Performance Coaching cert –- though we’re pretty sure that her Kettlebell certification was a close 4th.

Dar: KB plank

When asked  what attracted her to the MADness, and why she wanted to be a franchise owner, she shared; ‘It was a combination of several very important factors.  First and foremost I believe in the programming that Brandon and Kirk have carefully created – it’s like nothing else out there and is both scalable and easily modified to challenge all levels of athletes from beginner to elite.  From a business standpoint I love the model – it’s clean and simple, while still being incredibly innovative, and easy to replicate.   When you add on the branding and the amazing community that they have built (and that has helped to build them) it’s a no brainer.  My business partners and I recognized a similar community of athletes in Charlottesville, a similar need, and a huge opportunity to change the fitness landscape there – the same way Brandon and Kirk have done it in Charlotte.  It’s a controlled MADness, and something that I am very excited to be a part of.’

Though this is not Dar’s first business venture, and not the first fitness facility she’s built, it is the one she is the most excited about.  When I asked her to expand on that sentiment, here’s what she said: ‘There is something very powerful about this brand – the image, the lifestyle, and the overall product – that makes it incredibly exciting to build.  I have never believed so fully in a product and team, or been more proud to share it with others. This is the beginning of something very exciting for all of us, and opening the doors to the Charlottesville location is going to be incredibly rewarding.’

Dar Glow: FGMad Cville Owner

As we mentioned earlier, the Charlottesville location is expected to open the first week of August, and will be hosting a number of  exciting community events in the first few months to celebrate the MADness – so if you have friends in Virginia please do show them (and Dar) some MADlove!

For more information about Dar or the Charlottesville location you can follow the location on Facebook, or email Dar (dar@fightgonemad.com).


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