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The M.A.D. Theory

Nothing we do is by chance …

We apply “The 5 Functions of MADness” to three specifically designed categories.  Our desire is to have these unique intervals take on a certain emotion. They will require a specific effort and will generate a specific physical response. This design allows for creativity while creating a structured and balanced Strength and Endurance program, that we believe, is unmatched.


The movements in this category feed off one another causing a natural born athletic chaos we often pride ourselves on.  In these intervals you can expect non stop action, and a consistent pace, lead by a consistent intensity.  The intervals in this group are often a crowd pleasers, providing a feel of accomplishment fueled by sweat.


“Speed and Power” is the only way to sum up the theme of the intervals in this category.  A controlled maximum effort will be the focus.  You will experience explosive and dynamic movements matched by cardiovascular outputs which are all designed to push your anaerobic threshold.  When approached with the right mindset, this category arguably holds the toughest intervals in our program.


Durable, strong and stable.  This is the sole purpose of this category.  In these intervals you will experience a slower and more deliberate pace that often utilizes awkward equipment and non traditional movement patterns.  The end goal is to attack these demands while maintaining a strong and stable posture.  The timed element focuses on longer intervals which are more grueling by nature.  These work loads are both physically and mentally challenging adding a much needed balance to your #MADlifestyle.