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Get Started

1) Choose where you plan to get MAD with us by hovering over the “Locations” tab.
2) Click the link to the location specific “Online Store”
3) Purchase one of the package or membership options.
4) Reserve your spot in class (available 7 days in advance)

MAD Etiquette

First Class

For your first class, please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start. This will provide us the time to have the necessary paper work signed and will also allow us the luxury to have you 100% prepared. The training staff will be happy to walk you through the day to day flow and will help explain exactly what to expect. After attending your first class you will receive a welcome email providing you with some additional information and guidance.

On Time Policy

All members are expected to arrive 5 minutes prior to the scheduled class time. This will allow you to check in and prepare accordingly. Class begins promptly at the scheduled time. The explanation of the days interval along with demands of the movements is an integral part of our program. If you miss this crucial portion of the workout you will be asked wait until the next available class and could be subject to our cancelation policy below.

Cancelation Policy

Reservations must be cancelled by 8:00pm the night before your scheduled class in order to avoid penalty. If you fail to cancel, you will forfeit that session. If you hold an Unlimited Monthly Membership, you will be charged the standard drop in rate of $22.

Wait List Policy

Classes tend to fill up in peak hours. In order to plan for this we do have a 5 person wait list. If you choose to place yourself on the wait list, you are committing to this spot. If a spot becomes available and you sit in the top position on the wait list, you will be automatically placed in that available spot. Understand, we assume you are a dedicated individual. If you do not remove yourself from the wait list by 8:00pm the night before the class you will be subject to the Cancelation Policies listed above.

Professionalism & Common Courtesy

Scan In

* We ask that you scan in immediately upon entering the facility. This helps us track real time membership and frequency. If you happened to forgot or have even misplaced your key tag, please let the training staff know and they will be happy to manually check you in or provide you with a new key tag.


* Listen to your training staff at all time. Each day the training staff is required to create a structured game plan to provide you with the best and safest workout possible. It is imperative they command your entire focus at all points of the workout. Listen, ask questions and be respectful of their commitment to you.

Cell Phones

* When you enter the gym, your cell phone should be silenced and completely ignored until the completion of class. We understand at times there are specific emergencies and we are sensitive to these. When that time comes please make the training staff aware and we will respect these rare cases.


* DO NOT wear dirty shoes in the gym. You should own a separate pair of shoes completely dedicated to interval training. These are different from the shoes you run in and should not be the same shoes you take to the park or trail on weekends.

Lost & Found

* We realize at times things can be mistakenly left behind and because of this all items will be held for your convenience for a short period of time. At the end of each week we will donate these items to Good Will.