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MADlifestyle Check In: Client Kristin Krupa

This month we are profiling one of our most dedicated clients at MADabolicCLT; Kristin Krupa

Kristin has been with MADabolicCLT for just over 2 years now and has made a pretty remarkable transformation not only with her body appearance but with the way she attacks the workouts.

I am sure all of our trainers will attest to this but having Kristin in class is always a memorable one (especially when the SkiErg is involved in the workout). I have yet to see her walk through our doors without a giant smile on her face. With her infectious personality and desire to live life to the fullest, Kristin truly does epitomize someone who lives a #MADlifestyle.

Kirk Dewaele

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Where can we find you when you’re not at MADabolic CLT?

Favorite place to grab a beer:  22 in Plaza Midwood (http://www NULL.gallerytwentytwo NULL.com/#!/), they have fantastic craft beers on tap, half priced bottles of wine on Thursday, and local artists on display.

Favorite place to grab a cup of coffee:  Big Journ (my dog) and I walk to Common Market (http://commonmarketisgood NULL.com) for coffee every weekend, can’t beat it!

What is your “Go-To” healthy meal and Your “Go-To” cheat meal?

Go-To healthy meal:  Windy Hill (http://www NULL.windyhillfarmnc NULL.com) grass-fed beef in any way, shape or form, it’s so delicious!

Go-To “cheat meal”:  WINGS with blue cheese, I thought about leaving that last part out but I’m just being honest.

IMG_7982 (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/IMG_7982 NULL.jpg)

What brings you into MADabolic CLT and what is your favorite Interval? 

The music, the awesome trainers, and the killer workouts.  The customer service at MADabolic Inc. is second to none. Each trainer knows all clients on a personal level, stops you when you are performing an exercise incorrectly (for me that is anything involving the SkiErg, or any explosive movements) and they push you to go harder than you ever thought possible.  I love the introduction of new intervals, they keep the program fresh, but you can’t go wrong with the MAD Minute Interval, if you do it right, it’s one of the hardest intervals out there.  My new favorite interval is the Pledge, but I’m really over 12 rounds of pepper punching, take note!

Give us an example of your perfect week or what is your workout split? What does your ideal week look like, exercise, nutrition and fun? 

I suffer from a severe case of MAD “FOMO”. I use to go everyday until Kirk and Brandon started forcing me to take some days off.  I’ve recently started to work on a more balanced routine, using “The Perfect Week” (http://madabolic NULL.com/perfect-week/) schedule on the website,  I now incorporate running and lifting into my weekly routine.  I love having fun, maybe too much fun, but that’s the beauty of a #MADlifestyle.  I make sure to keep my diet in check by eating real food 90% of the time and no matter how much fun I have the night before, I always try to make it to the gym the next day. (I apologize to anyone who has seen me there the day after)  Eating healthy and working out are not only part of my routine, they are a top priority. In the words of Cristina, #EatMoveLive (http://www NULL.28tolife NULL.com)!

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What song is on repeat on your playlist – What song currently gets your heart beating?

“Words I Don’t Remember” by How to Dress Well is literally on repeat right now, it doesn’t get your heart beating, but it’s quite nice for blogging.

Let’s be realistic, I’m still not over Collard Greens by SchoolboyQ and I might never be, pumps me up every time!

What keeps you coming back to MADabolicCLT? 

I started with 5 sessions per month and 2 1/2 years later I have an unlimited membership.  I’m in the best shape of my life, I’ve made some amazing new friends, and I feel like a completely different person inside and out.

What is your go to spot to take out of town visitors?

I live in Plaza Midwood, I love to take my visitors out in my hood!  Enjoy coffee or beers on the patio at Common Market (http://commonmarketisgood NULL.com), fancy cocktails and tapas at Soul (http://soulgastrolounge NULL.com) and bbq at Midwood Smokehouse (http://midwoodsmokehouse NULL.com) are a few of my favorites. As of late, I can’t stop eating brunch at Toast in Dilworth (http://toastcafeonline NULL.com/dilworth/), get The Avocado Omelet, seriously, do it!  Naturally, I try to convince all my visitors to try MADabolic Inc. (http://madabolic NULL.com/locations-pricing/charlotte-nc/) My mom has done Terrible Two’s and The Climb, she’s MADass!

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  1. jenny n. | June 12, 2014 at 10:14 pm #

    Kristin you rock! Your smile and sense of humor is something I look foward to daily. Keep being awesome.

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