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Speaking Relatively: Strengthening the Grey Area

Fitness has always been very cyclical and often driven by trends. When we started to examine fitness trends, studying what people wanted, and weighed it against what they actually needed or could benefit from, we found a giant gap separating the fitness world. We’ll call this the grey area — we love the grey area.

On one hand, we have High Performance Training programs, built for very capable athletes, and (in our opinion) best suited for a Sport Specific regimen.  On the other hand, we have the ever-common “group ex” type classes you can find at any national fitness chain. The main problem here is that these generic programs lack any real knowledge in Strength and Conditioning.

Everything in between, that’s the grey area, and we live here.

Athletic Strength + Conditioning for the masses.  We are the Strength + Conditioning choice for a wide variety of lifestyles. Our program is built to compliment diversity of training, and designed to evolve.  It is not a trend. Even though we preach intensity, it is still a relative intensity. Strength is important to us, but it’s a relative strength. Variety is important, but relative to the science of our programming.  We are random, but controlled.  It’s a relative chaos — nothing is by mistake.

How strong do you need to be? What does life require from you? What do you require from this life? Everyday we train to be strong and highly conditioned, but not at the expense of longevity. Our personalities crave balance in all aspects of life.

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This balance varies from person to person, but we have still found some trending in our own MAD community. Everyday we get a chance to work with an array of athletic lifestyles and willing personalities – they train with us, but we are not the end of their athletic lifestyle.  You will find them running on the weekends, or taking class at your favorite yoga studio. 80% of the time they focus on good food choices, while the other 20% their time is spend indulging with their close friends and family. Fitness is a huge part of their make up, and so is balance. They are a social, likable crowd. They make the daily health conscience choices that put them ahead of the curve and they refuse to be a statistic.

They exist in the grey area, and it’s a great place to be.

Over the next few weeks some of our leadership team, trainers, and owners, will be sharing what brought them into the grey area — where that line is for each of them, and how it keeps them balanced in their own MADlifestyle.  We all have different backgrounds, and our experiences are all relative, but the common thread is the same – life long commitments to leading healthy and active lives.

Follow along and share yours with us.  We’re all a little MAD, but it’s our differences that makes the sum of our parts more powerful.

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