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MADabolic Cville’s Training Staff is Complete!

Similar to how Brandon and Kirk methodically and intentionally pair movements and intervals together to create the strongest programming possible – in Charlottesville Dar took the same approach to assembling the team of MADass trainers to join her in Charlottesville.

Dar (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/IMG_5849-L NULL.jpg)

Dar @spydar66; Mayor at #MADabolicCville

It was both exhilarating and intimidating to start hiring trainers last spring, as Dar planned to open the first MADabolic franchise.   Dar immediately wondered: what is the recipe for a great trainer?  What qualities and qualifications do they need to have? How can we include this piece in our overall formula for ‘opening a successful MADabolic franchise’?  Having the flagship location in Charlotte, and their staff (which ‘unfairly’ included Brandon and Kirk), as the only reference point, there were some initial moments of panic.  Finally, she realized that it was just going to take time.  The programming didn’t just work itself out in a day – it was a process.  Through the process of building the brand everything evolved – the intervals, the movements, and the image.  Brandon and Kirk built a solid foundation that was just a starting point, and it was that solid foundation that allowed for growth and evolution.  The Charlottesville team would grow in much of the same way.

The decision to start with a very concise and core group of trainers as the foundation was intentional, holding a few additional spots for the right people.  Considering backgrounds, focus, personality, and demeanor the first three coaches were decided upon by how they complimented each other’s work styles and client needs.  The team could not have been more excited to open the doors with Ryan, April, and Kirsten (Kiks) on staff.

Kirsten (Kiks) (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/IMG_0784 NULL.jpg)

Kirsten (Kiks)

April (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/IMG_0773 NULL.jpg)


Ryan (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/IMG_0700 NULL.jpg)


Each one of the ‘founding trainers’ brought something different to the table that makes this location better.  There is no recipe for the ‘right’ trainer, but more a recipe for the right combination.  The energy and focus that each one of them brought to the team was immediately contagious, and their personal investments to learning our methods and living their own MADlifestyles could not have been more impressive.

As classes grew, and the MADness continued to spread, it became apparent that the final two trainers had been found in two of our newest clients: Joe (Joe Joe) and Elly.   Joe and Elly have both been athletes, trainers, and coaches for years, and both had the experience necessary to stand in front of the group and command the room.  While their experiences are impressive, it was their participation and energy while taking class that sealed it.  They had the same drive, charisma, and sociability that the other coaches have – which made the decision even easier.

Elly (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/IMG_0694 NULL.jpg)


Joe (Joe Joe) (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/joejoe NULL.jpg)

Joe (Joe Joe)

MADabolic is the most intentionally designed and effective training for athletic strength and conditioning that you are going to find, but the training would not be quite what it is without the right environment –- and that is something that has to emanate from the trainers in a way that is so contagious that it keeps clients engaged and inspired every time they enter MADabolic Inc.

It is with great excitement, and pride, that we announce the complete founding team for MADabolic Charlottesville (#MADabolicCville), and we look forward to all the great things ahead.



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