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“We Clean Up Well”

Looking Back on 2 Years of MADness!

Thursday night we were able to say thank you to our close friends, and flagship community, in Charlotte NC. – the very birth place of this MAD idea that was put into motion two years ago.

This community, and our entire brand, represents a daily choice to be better: a healthy lifestyle lead by commitment along with a strong belief in balance.  This night was the perfect chance to bring that balance to perspective.

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The party, aptly named, “We Clean Up Well” was nothing short of amazing, and what we describe as a MADlifestyle was displayed in full colors.  Accomplishment was the theme of the night.  Not just for us, but  also for our team and clients, visible through the vibrant smiles and endless laughter which echoed throughout the night.

We often hear, “WOW has it been two years already?” And although we share in the triumphs, it has not been without experimentation, mistakes, and at times, flaws.

Over these past two years, the people of MADabolic CLT have embraced this MADlifestyle right along side us.  They have been indirectly involved in the decision making process, have accepted many changes in program design (along with a barrage of ever changing ideas). You will always be the corner stone of this brand and even at times the guinea pigs.

As for us, we have always believed that any state of comfort is a scary place to be.  It allows for mediocrity and is something we avoid at all costs.  

We rely heavily on our instincts and the drive that has lead us to explore, and search for new and creative ways to do things.  Your willingness and trust is undeniable and will give us the freedom and ability to constantly evolve.

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No matter which market we deicide to explore next, we want to thank MADabolic CLT — you have created the standard. We promise to remain non-complacent, to educate ourselves, and to be relentless in this passion.  The goal will always be to create something fresh and something unique.  A balanced approach to life as we strive to remain on the cutting edge of fitness.

Thank you Charlotte.


Brandon Cullen ~ Founder / CEO

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  1. Brandon | November 13, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    What a night, thank you everyone!!!

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