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First Visit to Charlottesville + First Franchise Reflection

Just over a week ago Brandon and Kirk made the trip up to Charlottesville to check out the new space and meet the community.  While it will undoubtedly be exciting to see how each franchise location captures the brand and how they fold into their local fitness scene, this being the first addition to the growing MADness made for a very special visit.

Seeing the space first hand allowed for more in-depth discussions on all things from layout design and programming (as it pertained to Charlottesville’s unique space) to findings on numbers and general class structure and flow from the first few weeks of business.  The Charlottesville staff taught classes and asked for feedback, and took classes from the Founders, listening for more coaching cues to share with clients.

Business and brand development tips were discussed for hours, taking in insight from all sides and experiences.  The weekend was packed with MADness, but it of course didn’t stop inside the four walls of MADville’s facility.  The MADlifestyle was represented well, and the guys, in turn, were able to get a feel for the scene in Charlottesville.

MAD tailgating at the UVA Football Stadium (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/1236596_10201973929459947_1546857676_n NULL.jpg)

MAD tailgating at the UVA Football Stadium

Since Brandon and Kirk have now had over a week back in Charlotte to recover from their trip, and digest the experience, it seemed like a great time to circle back and get their reactions to the trip and the experience of seeing their own dream realized for the first time. 

When I asked Brandon what stood out to him about Charlottesville, he said, ‘the city in general is a very active and lively community.  There is a presence of balance, an athletic mindset, and healthy lifestyle on every corner.  People seem to take pride in their own personal well being.’

Making the comparison to the Charlotte scene, Brandon shared, ‘both cities seemed to enjoy a very similar start in terms of opening numbers along with a modest but confident buzz throughout the city. We were exposed to this buzz on numerous occasions as we explored the town during our short visit. People are definitely talking.  I believe this has a lot to do with the managing partners and the training staff that was assembled here.  Everything about the Charlottesville chapter bleeds professionalism. It was a very happy moment for me personally to see a dream come to fruition, to know that nothing is by chance and that this will work in many markets.  Charlottesville is a vibrant and athletically driven culture.  It was destined for MADness.

     (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/IMG_3774 NULL.jpeg)

The professionalism from Dar is unmatched and the attention to detail is something anyone in business can respect.  We will gladly be borrowing some of Dar’s personal flare and creative ideas to help strengthen our own local product in here Charlotte.  This brand has always had the plan to grow together with its people, learning from one another while harnessing each others’ strengths.  We are lucky to have Dar as part of our team.’

Kirk, in turn, touched on how it was similar to (or different from) Charlotte: ‘Obviously the size of the cities are vastly different, but both cities seem to have a big percentage of the their populations that not only care about their health and well being, but are in line with our ‘train to live’ and not ‘live to train’ mentality.  It’s a very active yet social community that really enjoys the lifestyle that it brings.

It was kind of surreal, to be honest, to see the brand, programming, and set up replicated outside of our own location. I am not one to get emotional (just ask my wife) but there was a great feeling of accomplishment when we walked through the doors. The fact that Dar and her team did such a great job with the space had a lot to do with that I’m sure.

It’s always great to see your product get the thumbs up of approval from other fitness professionals in the industry. I think Dar and Val are so well respected in the C-Ville community that it’s hard not to respect what they bring to the table.’

With Charlottesville officially up and running, at full force, it’s all finally real.  The MADness is spreading, and it’s contagious.


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