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Checking in with Lake Norman Franchisee: Tracie!

It’s incredible to think about how quickly the MADness is spreading, both in the Charlotte location and beyond.  Charlottesville officially opened last week and is rocking it in a new community.  Richmond and Lake Norman are on the horizon, which will undoubtedly pump even more life into our already dynamic lifestyle.

This week we are looking forward to that growth of the brand, and our extended Charlotte community – we’re checking in with Tracie and Lake Norman.

Tracie was an immediate source of energy in the Charlotte location, adding her drive and athleticism to classes, and was a clear choice to be one of the first franchise owners. The addition of Tracie, and her husband Roland, to our MAD family has strengthened us and added even more passion and perspective to our franchise group during these really impactful first months.

MADness: Tracie + Roland (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/DSC01449 NULL.jpeg)

So, lets get into it.  Check out what Tracie had to say during a quick Q&A:

Val: What drew you to see what the MADness is all about?

Tracie: I was training for my second marathon when I first checked out a class.  I had been looking for an athletic conditioning program to complement my training schedule and was immediately drawn into the MADness.  I loved the intervals and felt that the programming was intelligently designed to help me achieve my maximum potential during each workout – the perfect varied and intense threshold training to compliment my training.  Not only did the programming make me stronger, and a more tireless runner, but the conditioning helped with injury prevention during my high mileage training.

photo-1 (http://madabolic NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/photo-1 NULL.jpg)

Val: What made you want to be a franchise owner, and why for this particular program?

Tracie: When I decided that I wanted to open a fitness facility, I knew, undoubtedly, that I wanted to spread the MADness, specifically.  Not only did I believe strongly in the product, but I also believed in the support and abilities of Brandon and Kirk to continue refining and defining a superior athletic strength and conditioning program.  The brand really mirrors my own personal fitness and lifestyle philosophies.

Val: What are you most excited about in terms of growing the brand farther North in the Lake Norman community?

Tracie: I’m most excited to bring the MADlifestyle to the Lake Norman community.  I can’t wait to meet clients, develop relationships and help each individual reach their own personal wellness and athletic goals.

We hope to announce our exact location in the next couple of weeks!

Val: What do you love most about the branding?

Tracie:  I love the creative image as a whole – the clean, yet edgy, brand image.  It represents the strength of the community, and the clean forward nature of the programming.

Val: How about the programming, what hooked you in?

Tracie: My favorite part of the programming is that it is intentional, intense, and ever challenging.  It is accessible to all people and can be modified to fit anyone’s current abilities and goals.

Val:  What aspects of the Charlotte location and your experience as a client are you most looking forward to duplicating in your own location?

Tracie: I’m looking forward to duplicating the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that the Charlotte location has created – not only do clients feel welcome but they are appreciated and have the feeling of being a part of something bigger.  I can’t wait to create this community and environment in Lake Norman!


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