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BIG news for the future of MADabolic Inc!

MADabolic Inc. Owners Announce Franchising Process is Complete and Franchise has been approved for expansion.

Charlotte, NC, February 11th, 2013 — Charlotte based MADabolic Inc. owners, Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele, announced today that they have completed the franchising process and MADabolic Inc. is now offering Franchises in select states.

Cullen and Dewaele, who have been working on the franchising process for months, are excited to announce this milestone for their business.

‘We began the actual legal process of Franchising in September and have spent every waking minute working towards this announcement,’ Cullen shared.  ‘Daily we are in our offices critiquing, building, and programming the future of MADabolic Inc., and it has been the best business learning experience of our lives.

As we begin to franchise, our focus is to surround ourselves with exceptional Franchisees, smart people with captivating personalities and drive.  We are looking for those individuals and personalities that people come to see, and will contribute to the strong growth and overall success of the MADabolic Inc. brand.’

Cullen says their Franchise model is designed to encourage creativity.  From the local marketing to the day to day structure, they have set the Franchisee up to excel in their community, where they know their demographic best.  ‘We provide the tools, program design and unique systems to allow them to do this, and encourage creativity,’ he added.

MADabolic Inc. launched the signature high intensity interval training programs in October of 2011, in the Charlotte South End neighborhood.  Each workout is an intentional balance of total body conditioning brought together through a series of intense intervals, which change daily.  The MADabolic Inc. programming is designed to challenge each individual’s fitness level and background, creating a place for strength and conditioning as a part of any active lifestyle.

‘Our clients range everywhere from Yogi’s, to Tri-athletes, to athletically minded individuals working towards personal fitness goals,’ Dewaele shared.  ‘Our program is designed to give them the strength and conditioning to be better at their passions.  We make them tireless runners and strong yogi’s.  If we weren’t here they would still be training, but we are here to compliment them.’

Cullen and Dewaele, both former professional Ice Hockey players, know what it’s like to be in constant pursuit of the highest level of fitness.  They have trained under the Strength and Conditioning Programs for The New York Islanders, Pittsburg Penguins, and New York Rangers, along side the best of the best.  They have been conditioned through Muay Tai, Boxing and Aikido; learned from running, endurance, and mobility specialists; and spent weekends studying with kettlebell, rowing, and nutrition gurus.  They have competed in adventure races, explored the world of triathlons.

MADabolic Inc. was built from a blend of their combined knowledge and experience in fitness and as professional athletics.   The appeal of Cullen and Dewaele’s MAD methods along with the brand have proven to be addicting to their clients, constantly challenging and evolving their fitness goals.

‘Franchising has been a very hands on and exciting process,’ Cullen shared, ‘announcing our first franchises will be one of the most rewarding days of our business careers, and we look forward to that moment very soon.’


For more information about MADabolic Inc. and how to apply to open a franchise, contact:

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  1. Lorraine | February 12, 2013 at 6:42 pm #

    It’s going to be a MAD MAD world out there and I’m just going crazy about it all:)

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